Writing MBA Essays: Best Tips

2017-08-17 by No Comments

Having graduated from one of the MBA programs as a non-native speaker of the English language, I can say that I still remember being afraid about my MBA application, having fear that my English was not so good. For this reason, I centered on developing my writing skills by means, you will never guess, of writing procedure.

Today, as an expert of Veritas Prep School, I have discovered cooperating with my customers that there exist several ordinary pitfalls connected with writing entrance papers, for example, such as NTU MBA essays.

There are a few examples mentioned below:

  1. Try not to compose papers accomplished in a generic way that center too much on the present work experience instead of your personality. You have to take in mind that the given paper is not your job application, so it is better to get rid of composing what resembles CV or resume in a written form. More often than not, students prefer not to hear that advice and do vice versa. Well, the result may turn out to be a bit unfortunate: you will not be accepted in that business school you have chosen before. So, try to do your best and stick to those guidelines and tips offered by a specialist or on the official website of this or that business school.
  2. Avoid writing papers, which can be introduced as requests for proposals with the presence of an evident PowerPoint style of composition (the one with the indication of percentages and impressive key words in order to strike the admissions committee). The given committees have witnessed and read a vast number of such papers every day, so try to impress them and do not apply the above-mentioned style at all.
  3. The third mistake you can make is papers, which do not contain information about yourself. When the paper questions ask what has a great impact on you and the reason why, your papers will have a chance to become a possibility to show that you can be motivated and encouraged owing to XYZ. It will help you to demonstrate focus and resolution. At the same time, you will feel absolutely sure of yourself and your abilities to write great essays and be accepted to that business school you like most of all. To reach this goal, all you have to do is to follow the above-mentioned MBA essays tips.

Do not forget that personal papers offer some precious opportunities to demonstrate who you have been before, which way you would like to follow, and the present plan to reach these aims of yours. Every single point here is targeted at introducing a balance between early abilities of leadership and self-actualization. Apply ordinary sentences but try to attract attention of your readers by means of demonstrating your talents, maturity and creative features, and it will definitely assist members of admissions committees to imagine you enrolled in one of the chosen MBA programs.

When you have already written the papers, but you think they have to be proofread and edited (and you do not have time to do that on your own), then it is better to address to the experienced MBA essay editors.

Mentioned below are three very simple but still effective guidelines:

  • Compose the same way you talk. It will sound absolutely naturally and everyone understands that you have dedicated a particular amount of time when composing every essay.
  • Do not forget to apply short phrases and paragraphs. The given method will ease the process of reading for those who will evaluate your papers.
  • You do not have to apply such jargon words as redefine, evaluative, subjective, and so on. More often than not, such words are considered as characteristic features of pretentious ass.

Considering the fact that the world of business does not actually require writing personal reflection papers or essays, we can personally suppose that it is quite useful to keep a kind of diary in order to practice the abilities of composing about yourself, and also not to forget about reading non-business and business articles like those printed in the magazines like The Atlantic or Harvard Business Review.

Even in the case when the English language is not your native one, the aim is to look for your personal original voice and apply composing as your tool. It is simple, elegant, and all about yourself.

All material and information mentioned above is only a couple of suppositions about how you are able to enter upon the assignment of composing papers and essays. If needed, you can talk to a qualified essay writing specialist in order to see in which way such specialists can assist you in writing efficiently to raise your possibilities for admission to one of the MBA programs chosen by you! At the same time, you do not have to be afraid to address to the best MBA essay review service in case of necessity.