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The role of physics in the life of society

Physics as a science has evolved over many centuries and the objects of its study consider the simplest forms of the motion of matter (mechanical, thermal, electromagnetic, etc.), which form an elementary basis for all other, more complex (higher) forms of motion of matter, and, being the simplest, is at the same time the most common.

The development of physics is based on the needs of civilization. At the same time, the development of the physics has a significant impact on technology, and therefore on the development of society.

In the process of development of physics certain basic concepts are formed in it, were established laws and regularities of physical phenomena, formulated theoretical positions. Nevertheless, the physics does not stand still, it constantly develops and as new facts accumulate and new theories appear the new laws are established.

Physics is the foundation of all natural sciences without exception. For example, in chemistry, the periodic law of Mendeleev was finally explained only within the framework of the quantum-mechanical theory of the atom.

Physics is the foundation of technology. This thesis, especially in our time of the revolution of high technologies, does not require any special justifications or explanations.

Physics is closely linked to the philosophy, which is also called the “science of science”. This connection was so tight and obvious that in the XVII century physicists even called “natural philosophy”, that is, the philosophy of nature. In other words, physics is a science that plays a decisive role in shaping the general outlook of a modern educated person.

In view of the above, we can answer the one simple question that students often put in the first lesson: “and why, for us, future engineers, is this physics?” The answer is simple and obvious: without knowing the basics of physics and not having elementary The skills of solving the simplest physical tasks, can not fully master the profession of engineer. This is already convincingly proved by almost two hundred years of world-class practice of high-level engineers training.

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