Will 33s fit on a leveled Sierra?

2019-12-09 by No Comments

Will 33s fit on a leveled Sierra?

The GMC Sierra can fit 33-inch tires without any upgrades to suspension or leveling kits. However, the larger tires may result in some rubbing. This can be avoided with the use of a two-inch lift or leveling kit. A leveling kit can be purchased and installed at almost any local auto shop.

Can I fit 33s on stock Sierra 1500?

Yes, you can fit 33-inch wheels on a Silverado without lift up or major modification. The third and fourth generation of the Silverado 1500 can fit tires as big as 33.5 inches. With 33-inch tires, you can go for a leveling kit or pick wheel spacers. The kit or the spacers will give enough clearance inside wheel arches.

What does SLE mean on GMC Sierra?

SLE as it relates to a GMC Terrain stands for “Special Luxury Edition”, which You might recognize as a bit of empty marketing speak, given this tends to actually be the standard package.

What are the benefits of a GMC Sierra leveling kit?

One big benefit of GMC Sierra leveling kits is that they add ground clearance to the front of your truck and sometimes at the rear as well.

What do the trim levels mean on a GMC Sierra?

There’s more to a truck than just the name. There are numerous options, features, packages and trim levels that make each and every truck unique from each other. But what do the trim level codes mean? We’ve broken down the 4 GMC Sierra trim levels to make it simple.

How big are the tires on a GMC Sierra?

I just picked up a new 2017 GMC Sierra 4X4 Crew Cab, Short Box with the SLT Preferred Package. This package comes with the 20″ X 9″ wheels and 275/55R20 tires.

Why does the GMC Sierra 1500 have a higher rear end?

The GMC Sierra 1500 naturally comes with a higher rear end to accommodate towing and hauling. Some owners think this gives it an odd look. Leveling kits even things out and create a more pleasing appearance, but they also offer some performance benefits in certain situations.