Why is my breaststroke so slow?

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Why is my breaststroke so slow?

Unless you’re Adam Peaty, breaststroke will always be slower than front crawl. This is due to the body position in the water – each time you lift your head your bottom half sinks, which causes drag and resistance.

How fast does the average person swim breaststroke?

In short- the average time to swim a mile breaststroke should be just over 50 minutes if you have some swimming experience and you swim at a comfortable pace. If you swim a mile breaststroke fast, it should take about 45 minutes or slightly less.

Is freestyle or breaststroke faster?

Freestyle is the fastest swimming stroke in major competitions. Swimming statistics show freestyle remains the fastest stroke, according to world records posted on USAswimming.com, followed by butterfly, backstroke and breaststroke, the slowest competitive swimming stroke.

What is the fastest 100 breaststroke time?

Adam Peaty will aim to become the first British swimmer to retain an Olympic title when he competes in the 100m breaststroke final at 03:12 BST on Monday. The world record holder, 26, qualified fastest from the semi-finals with a time of 57.63 seconds.

What is a decent swimming pace?

Swimmers on average swim at speed of 2 minutes per 100 meters. Whether you’re faster or slower then this we know you want to get better with every training and every minute spent in the pool.

Why do I find breaststroke easier than freestyle?

Freestyle is easier because the position is more natural. It’s more efficient than breaststroke and can be swum for longer distances without tiring.

Does Adam Peaty only do breaststroke?

Peaty only competed in the 100 metre breaststroke in the individual events as 50 metre breaststroke was not an Olympic swimming event at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. In the heats, Peaty broke his own world record with a time of 57.55 seconds.

What is the fastest 50 breaststroke time?


Event Time Date
50m breaststroke 25.95 25 July 2017
100m breaststroke 56.88 21 July 2019
200m breaststroke 2:06.12 26 July 2019
50m butterfly 22.27 1 July 2018

Which is the best way to swim breaststroke?

The first ones are really basic. We start with kick on our front with your arms by our side. This is about getting used to being balanced with your body in the water and being in a better body position. I see a lot of swimmers swimming in a bit of an angle with their body rather than being horizontal in the water.

Why does Adam Peaty swim so fast in breaststroke?

Below are six elements to master for elite breaststroke: Because you’re so low in the water while swimming breaststroke, your legs have to do more work to keep your body moving forward. To push the most water back, the feet turn out and the toes point to the side. The feet should not extend past the width of the knees.

How to improve arm pull in the breaststroke?

1 Begin without weight on the bar. After perfecting your technique, slowly add weight in small increments until 10-12 reps… 2 Perform three sets of 10-12 reps. 3 This exercise will improve the second half of your arm pull motion during the breaststroke. More

Why do you need to do breaststroke drills?

That’s where breaststroke drills come in. Done properly, the right breaststroke drill helps you over-emphasize a part of your stroke so that you can improve your overall swimming.