Why did Hadvar call Ralof a traitor?

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Why did Hadvar call Ralof a traitor?

It’s highly possible they were playmates, friends, sparring partners, etc. Even if not, it’s the sort of place where everyone knows everyone else. Why Hadvar calls Ralof a traitor is pretty obvious: Ralof is a traitor to the Empire, which Hadvar, being an Imperial soldier, obviously has taken an oath of loyalty to.

What happens to Hadvar if you follow Ralof?

What happens to Ralof or Hadvar after Helgen? They both head towards the Helgen keep but if you go with Ralof, you never see Hadvar again but if you go with Hadvar you never see Ralof again. Both paths cross at the very entrance of the Helgen keep but yet you never see the other person.

Are Ralof and Hadvar friends?

They probably grew up together in Riverwood. They are both like 20-ish/30. Well, both Hadvar’s and Ralof’s pages make the assumption that they were friends, so I’d say yes. Or they both used to be part of the imperials and Ralof (being a Nord) went to the Rebellion.

Who is better Hadvar or Ralof?

Going with Hadvar gives access to two-handed weapons right away, but no heavy armor, and you can take all the metal ingots at the blacksmith in Riverwood. Ralof is good if you want heavy armor from the start.

Can you marry Ralof?

No. You can only use console commands, which are only on the computer edition.

Can I sell the jagged crown?

Quest items can not be sold. In order to get the tag off of it, you’d need to do the pickpocket glitch with Ralof to get it back, in which case you can then sell it without penalty.

Can you marry Ralof or Hadvar?

Does Ralof survive Helgen?

Ralof, being a Stormcloak, is dead, in hiding, or a prisoner of war. Hadvar, being safe in Imperial Riverwood, is there in the Sleeping Giant Inn. (Actually, he’d show up there even if you followed Ralof out of Helgen but sided Imperial instead.)

Can you marry Hadvar?

It is not possible to marry Hadvar. You can check this guide on marriable characters to find someone else you’re able to marry if you wish.