Why can I find my character on WoW armory?

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Why can I find my character on WoW armory?

You May Have Left the Game for Too Long Enter the game with whichever character that wasn’t showing. Ensure that you stay logged in the game for at least 10-15 minutes. Properly log out, and then exit the game. Check the Armory as the data should now be refreshed inside the database.

Can you look up WoW characters?

To begin, go to WoW’s Search page. This is for more than just characters, but you can now type in the full name of the character whose profile you want to view.

Is there still a WoW armory?

As of July 11, 2018, we will no longer be supporting the World of Warcraft Mobile Armory app. As part of that, we’ll be incorporating many of your favorite World of Warcraft Armory app features along with features for Battle for Azeroth into a new shared app for a more streamlined experience.

How do you access the WoW armory?

To log in, go to http://us.battle.net/wow/en/. Look for your character’s name and picture. Once you are logged in, you should see your character’s name and picture near the top right. You can click on your character’s name and then on “Profile,” and it will take you to your armory.

How do I restore my WoW character?

You can restore a deleted character from your character selection screen:

  1. Click on the character selection screen.
  2. Select your deleted character and click .

How do I look up a guild in WoW?

As a recap, the 9 ways you can find a guild are:

  1. Use the in-game guild finder tool.
  2. Join a guilds advertising in trade chat.
  3. Advertise in trade chat yourself.
  4. Accept the random invite that pops up.
  5. Find a guild in Blizzard forums.
  6. Use the wowguilds subreddit.
  7. Find a guild through wowprogress.com.

Are old WoW characters deleted?

A World of Warcraft bug is reverting some players’ characters to how they were a decade ago. Fortunately, Blizzard is investigating the cause and has already confirmed that no characters have been permanently deleted. Reports of these issues first started popping up on the WoW forums and subreddit late yesterday.

Can you check WoW mail on phone?

In terms of getting gold from auction house, you can download the remote app and collect the gold that way. Download the wow armory app. You can check your mail and use the auction house.

How many WoW realms are there?

There are about 200 realms in North America and other realms in different parts of the world.