Who won the 2015/16 Europa League?

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Who won the 2015/16 Europa League?

Sevilla FC
2015–16 UEFA Europa League/Champion

Who won the Europa League 2014 2015?

2014–15 UEFA Europa League/Champion

Has Sevilla ever won Europa League?

The UEFA Europa League, formerly the UEFA Cup, is an association football competition established in 1971 by UEFA. Sevilla holds the record for the most victories, having won the competition six times since its inception.

How many times has Sevilla won the Europa League?

The club first participated in a European competition in 1957, entering the European Cup, and have competed in twenty nine seasons of European competitions since then. They have won a record six UEFA Cup/Europa League titles.

Is Liverpool in Europa League 2021?

Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea will be the Premier League’s representatives in the 2021/22 Champions League. Meanwhile, Leicester and West Ham will be in the Europa League while Tottenham will participate in the Europa League Conference.

Who won the Europa League in 2013?

Chelsea F.C.
2012–13 UEFA Europa League/Champion

The match was played at the Amsterdam Arena in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on 15 May 2013, between Portuguese side Benfica and English side Chelsea. Chelsea won 2–1 to secure their first title in this competition.

Who won the Europa League in 2016?

Who won the Europa League 2010?

Atlético Madrid
Played at the HSH Nordbank Arena in Hamburg, Germany, on 12 May 2010, the match was won by Spain’s Atlético Madrid, who, after extra time, beat England’s Fulham 2–1. The win gave Atlético their second major European title, following the 1961-1962 European Cup Winners Cup.

Why did Dnipro dissolve?

The club was owned by the Privat Group that also owns BC Dnipro and Budivelnyk Kyiv. In 2018 FC Dnipro was forced into bankruptcy by FIFA due to multiple legal claims for failing to pay its promised monetary compensation to players and managers.

Sevilla is one of the most successful clubs at the European level, have won the UEFA Europa League six times, the most of any European club. It is Spain’s oldest sporting club solely devoted to football.

When was the first Copa de Sevilla played?

In 1912, the first Copa de Sevilla was played and won by Sevilla FC. From 1915 to 1932, the Copa Andalucia was organized by the “Federación Sur” and these championships included Sevilla FC, Real Betis Balompié, Recreativo de Huelva, Español de Cádiz and the sporadic participation of Nacional de Sevilla and Córdoba.

Where does Sevilla Futbol Club play their football?

Sevilla Fútbol Club ( Spanish pronunciation: [seˈβiʎa ˈfuðβol ˈkluβ] ), commonly referred to as Sevilla, is a professional football club based in Seville, the capital and largest city of the autonomous community of Andalusia, Spain. It plays in Spanish football’s top flight, the La Liga.

Who was the first president of Sevilla FC?

The club’s first president was the Scot Mr. Edward Farquharson Johnston (Elgin, 14 October 1854), who was the British vice-consul in Seville and co-proprietor of the firm MacAndrews & Co., ship-owners with commercial lines between Spain and the UK, one of them being the transport of Seville oranges.