Who was William Hughes parents?

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Who was William Hughes parents?

Birth and family background Hughes was born on 25 September 1862 at 7 Moreton Place, Pimlico, London, the son of William Hughes and the former Jane Morris. His parents were both Welsh. His father, who worked as a carpenter and joiner at the Palace of Westminster, was from North Wales and was a fluent Welsh speaker.

Where was William Morris Hughes born?

Pimlico, London, United Kingdom
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When was William Morris Hughes born?

September 25, 1862
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What political party did Billy Hughes represent?

Australian Party
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Who was William Morris Hughes father and mother?

His father was Welsh speaking, a deacon of the Particular Baptist Church and a conservative in politics. His mother, a farmer’s daughter from Llansantffraid, Montgomeryshire, who had been in service in London, was English speaking and Anglican.

How old was William Morris when his mother died?

She was thirty-seven when she married, and William Morris was her only child. She died when he was seven and for the next five years Hughes lived with his father’s sister at Llandudno, where he went to school, spending his holidays on the Morris farm.

What are the last names of the Hughes family?

About 22231 HUGHESs. Related surnames: MCCOY (9789) MCKAY (8860) MCKEE (6821) MCGEE (6297) KEY (4881) HOUGH (4109) MAGEE (3311) HIGGS (2577) HUGHEY (2307) EASON (1824). WikiTree is a community of genealogists growing an increasingly-accurate collaborative family tree that’s 100% free for everyone forever. Please join us.

When did William Morris Hughes come to Australia?

In October 1884 he embarked for Queensland as an assisted migrant on the Duke of Westminster, reaching Brisbane on 8 December. For two years he led a roving life, taking various jobs and acquiring knowledge of the outback, as well as material for reminiscences that grew more colourful with time.