Who should I kill for the Dark Brotherhood oblivion?

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Who should I kill for the Dark Brotherhood oblivion?

Kill Agronak gro-Malog (the Grey Prince) to complete his quest as well as the DB requirement. Kill a useless character, someone who isn’t quest related, such as S’rathad in the Talos district or the inhabitants of the Bravil Skooma Den.

Is there a Dark Brotherhood in oblivion?

The Dark Brotherhood is a Guild full of Assassins. For a chance to enter the guild, you’ll have to kill an innocent person, or kill a lot of thieves and marauders. After joining the Dark Brotherhood, you’ll find their secret hideout in Cheydinhal.

Is the Dark Brotherhood worth it oblivion?

The Dark Brotherhood quests are arguably the best quests in the game, which lead to a awesome plot twist and great ending. The benefits of completing the DB quests, like all the sidequests arcs, are lame, but it’s worth it just for some of the best story in Oblivion.

What happens if you kill the thieves guild?

You can’t kill any of them. You might deal enough damage to bring them to their knees, but that’s it. They won’t die. Eventually, as you’re fighting off the others, the one that was downed will get back up and rejoin the fight.

Who is the traitor in the Dark Brotherhood oblivion?

Mathieu Bellamont
Mathieu Bellamont is a Breton assassin in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion who resides within the cellar of the Anvil Lighthouse. He is the primary antagonist in the Dark Brotherhood quests.

Does joining the Dark Brotherhood affect anything oblivion?

You do get infamy for doing Dark Brotherhood and Theives guild quests. This really doesn’t have any impact on your game (same with Fame) except in some very specific things, like quest requirements.

Are the Dark Brotherhood bonuses worth it?

Totally. They’re all pretty great and I’d say fufilling the bonus conditions is an integral part of the quests, even if you have to reload saves because you messed up every once in a while.

Should I kill the Thieves Guild?

You can’t kill any of them. You might deal enough damage to bring them to their knees, but that’s it. They won’t die.

What is the Dark Brotherhood for in Oblivion?

The Dark Brotherhood is a guild of assassins who are willing to assassinate anyone (apart from members of the guild) as long as the contractor pays enough for their service.

How do you join the Dark Brotherhood?

How to join The Dark Brotherhood. Go to any inn and ask for gossip from the innkeeper. Eventually, an innkeeper will give up information that will point you towards a boy in Windheld (Aventus Aretino) who is trying to perform the Black Sacrament, a Dark Brotherhood ritual. Alternatively, head to the Honorhall Orphanage in Riften –…

What are the Dark Brotherhood quests?

The primary Dark Brotherhood questline consists of fourteen quests. Three achievements (50 points; 2 Bronze and 1 Silver) are unlocked by the guild’s quests. Delayed Burial: Convince an unwilling farmer to help fix a stranded jester’s broken wagon wheel.

Who is the Dark Brotherhood?

The Dark Brotherhood is a murderous group of assassins in the Elder Scrolls videogame series. The group is run like a cult unlike more traditional assassin groups. The ideology of the Dark Brotherhood places much importance on hierarchy and loyalty.