Who makes Carex hand wash?

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Who makes Carex hand wash?

the UK
OUR STORY SO FAR. All our hand washes are proudly made in the UK, where our dedicated team of ‘CareXperts’ develop, test and strive for the best so we remain your Number 1 Hand Care Brand. Our factory in Manchester is constantly working to ensure that we are sustainable as a producer.

Are all Carex products antibacterial?

Are all Carex hand washes antibacterial? Yes. All Carex hand washes are antibacterial.

Is Carex scented?

Carex Dermacare Sensitive Hand Wash contains a gentle fragrance, and together with mild cleansers effectively works to leave your hands feeling fresh.

Who owns Carex gel?

PZ Cussons
PZ Cussons said today it was experiencing “exceptionally high demand” in the UK for Carex hand wash, sanitiser gel and Imperial Leather soap as people wash their hands more during the coronavirus outbreak. The company said its focus remains on “sourcing, producing and distributing” these products.

Is Carex hand wash antibacterial?

Our range of antibacterial liquid hand wash is created from a trusted and expertly made formulation which cleans effectively killing 99.9% of bacteria, and cares helping to leave skin feeling soft and smooth. Our hand wash is designed to give all round protection for healthy hands.

Is Carex hand gel antibacterial?

Carex antibacterial hand gel contains 70% alcohol and kills 99.99% of bacteria. Carex Hand Gels are now available in a family size bottle to protect all the family.

Are Carex wipes antibacterial?

Cleans, cares and protects. Soft cleansing wipes for hands, face & body. Antibacterial Hand Wash – Kills 99.9% of bacteria. …

How much alcohol is in Carex hand sanitizer?

Health experts including NHS, Public Health England and World Health Organisation all agree that to be effective a hand sanitiser needs at least 60% alcohol content. The good news is all our Carex hand gels contain 70% alcohol.

Is Carex fun edition antibacterial?

our skin kind formula, combined with a special ‘Fun Edition’ Love Hearts fragrance, cleans, cares and protects, so you and your family can get stuck into life. Trusted, expertly developed antibacterial formulation: effectively removes dirt and grease.

Is Carex vegetarian?

This means that all the brands operating under PZ Cussons UK are certified as being cruelty free. These brands include: Original Source, Imperial Leather, Carex, Bayley’s of Bond Street and Pure.

What makes Carex antibacterial?

Then there are the antibacterial ingredients such as methyldibromo glutaronitrile, a formaldehyde-releasing chemical which can cause skin rashes; the solvents such as hexylene glycol – which is equally at home in paints and varnishes – and the preservatives such as tetrasodium EDTA, an environmentally disastrous …

Is Carex shower gel antibacterial?

Carex Antibacterial Body Wash with Dermacare is specially developed to care for and protect all the family. This gentle cleansing antibacterial soap for body enhances your natural pH for healthy skin and all round care when used in the shower.

What do you need to know about Carex hand wash?

Our professional range of Carex antibacterial hand wash and hand sanitiser gel has been designed to support businesses getting back to work. Perfect for businesses looking to help protect the hands of employees and customers from the spread of germs. Available to buy in bulk from Carex.

How to contact Carex health brands customer service?

Your feedback is vital to shaping our future products and offerings. Please use this form below to share with us. Our customer service department may also be reached at 800-526-8051, Monday – Friday, during the hours of 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Eastern).

What do you need to know about Carex bath equipment?

Our bathtub assistive devices – such as grab bars and transfer benches – improve bath safety and reduce the risk of injury. These items also serve as handicap accessories and bath aids for elderly people with limited mobility. Bathe with confidence and reclaim one of the most important rooms of your home with Carex bath safety products.

What kind of soap is in Carex Fun Edition?

Make hand washing exciting with our Fun Editions hand wash, feel extra-safe with our advanced liquid soap offering added care and protection, or stay fresh on the move with our pocket-sized hand sanitiser gels.