Who is Vincent Wong wife TVB?

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Who is Vincent Wong wife TVB?

Yoyo Chenm. 2011
Vincent Wong/Wife

Where is Vincent Wong from?

Xinjiang, China
Vincent Wong/Place of birth

How old is Vincent Wong?

38 years (July 7, 1983)
Vincent Wong/Age

How old is Yoyo Chan?

40 years (August 27, 1981)
Yoyo Chen/Age

Is Vincent Wong still married?

Wong, 37, was crowned Best Actor for his role as a blind lawyer in the legal drama Legal Mavericks 2020 on Sunday (Jan 10), but his wife was expressionless when the camera panned to her while he was thanking her on stage. Wong and Chen married in 2011 and they have an eight-year-old daughter.

How tall is Vincent Wong?

1.86 m
Vincent Wong/Height

Is Vincent Wong vegan?

Vincent Wong The award-winning TVB Anniversary Awards actor has recently transitioned to a vegan diet. He has spoken of his vegetarian experience in the UK and the benefits of being plant-based.

Can Vincent Wong Sing?

Vincent Wong Ho Shun (Chinese: 王浩信, born 7 July 1983) is a Hong Kong actor and singer.

Is Vincent Wong and Yoyo Chen still together?

The actress, who was nominated for Best Supporting Actress on Sunday, returned home without her husband. Hong Kong actor Chapman To parodied the moment by posting a photo of him expressionless on social media. Wong and Chen married in 2011 and they have an eight-year-old daughter.

Who is Yoyo Chen husband?

Vincent Wongm. 2011
Yoyo Chen/Husband
Personal life. On 11 November 2011, Yoyo Chen got married with TVB actor Vincent Wong.

How tall is Vincent Wong TVB?

Why was Ruco Chan shunned by TVB?

However, it was postponed so that the 2017 TV King could have his series, “Legal Mavericks 2020”, aired as part of the TVB Anniversary Drama line-up. Reportedly, the decision was made so that the company could nominate Vincent for Best Actor again for this year’s annual awards.

When did Sammul Chan leave the TVB?

Chan left TVB in 2010 to focus on his career in mainland China. Media outlet HK01 reported on November 16 that Chan has not been active in showbiz since late 2019 after shooting an online film in mainland China. Chan found out that he was missing a blood vessel in his brain during a medical check up in 2018.

Who is Vincent Wong from Hong Kong married to?

The lack of interaction between Hong Kong actor Vincent Wong and his wife, actress Yoyo Chen, at the TVB Anniversary Awards has added more fuel to speculation that their marriage is on the rocks.

When did Vincent Wong and Yoyo Chen get married?

Wong got married with TVB actress Yoyo Chen on 11 November 2011. Their daughter, Wong Ching-kiu, was born in April 2012.