Who is the girl in the Subaru commercial?

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Who is the girl in the Subaru commercial?

Cyrina Fiallo
She has appeared in numerous TV commercials for various retailers, such as Allstate, Booking.com, Capital One, Pepsi, Samsung, and Subaru….

Cyrina Fiallo
Born December 29, 1991 Miami, Florida, U.S.
Occupation Actress
Years active 2007–present

Who is the actor in the new Subaru commercial?

Charles Michael Davis – Other Works – IMDb.

Who is the girl in the Subaru commercial Australia?

Like the first, Subaru Australia’s general manager of marketing Amanda Leaney – herself a young mum – continues with the importance of recognising family moments and then runs a seemingly invisible path to Subaru products.

Who are the actors in the Trulicity commercial?

Yep, that’s two-time Olympic medalist Laurie Hernandez (and her father Tony) in the ads.

Does Subaru make commercial vehicles?

Subaru Fleet Cars | Fleet Cars and Business Vehicles.

Where is the new Subaru commercial filmed?

The farmhouse, we have learned, is Olympia’s Valley Estate, a popular wedding and event venue in Petaluma. It’s hard to say whether the entire commercial was filmed in Petaluma, but it’s definitely Sonoma County.

Who is the female gymnast in the Trulicity commercial?

Now running on TV, for instance, is an ad for Trulicity with Olympic gymnast Laurie Hernandez and her father, Tony, who has Type 2 diabetes. Hernandez talks about making the right choices to succeed as her dad watches her train and the two go on walks and eat healthy snacks.

Who is the man in the blue suit in the Trulicity commercial?

Jordan Murphy (American actor)

Who is the guy in the Subaru Forester commercial?

Each of these memories comes alive in front of the father’s eyes. He knows he will get to keep them in a box and in his heart even as his daughter drives away while he stands next to his Subaru Forester.

Who is the actress in the Subaru Outback?

The character is portrayed by Rita Obermeyer, who doesn’t have much of an IMDb page. We had to track her down via her LinkedIn profile, which says that she is an “actress, writer, director at On the Road Again,” who works in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Who sings Subaru commercial song?

About Subaru Forester TV Commercial, ‘Making Memories’ Song by Gregory Alan Isakov [T1] As a father cleans the inside of his old Subaru on the driveway in preparing to pass it down to his daughter, each item he comes across triggers a memory he has shared with her.

Who is the Dad in the Subaru Outback AD?

The dad in this ad is a fairly laid-back Outback driver, and we can probably attribute his relaxed demeanor to his low crossover’s heated front seats and the fact that he was raised by the free-spirited woman played by Rita Obermeyer.