Who is the director of Flower Boy ramen shop?

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Who is the director of Flower Boy ramen shop?

“Flower Boy Ramyun Shop,” also known as “Flower Boy Ramen Shop” or “Cool Guys Hot Ramen,” is a 2011 South Korean drama series directed by Jung Jung Hwa.

Is the Flower Boy Ramyun shop a good show?

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop is better than I was hoping. Admittedly my hopes were tempered — I expected it to be cute and frothy, but was expecting it to be purely frivolous, very little substance, like a puff of cotton candy. But to the contrary, there’s some meat to the story — not a ton, but more than the promos let on.

Who is Kang in Flower Boy Ramyun shop?

She urges Eun-bi to study instead of listening to quack fortunetellers. The 411 on Eun-bi’s friend: She’s KANG DONG-JOO, 24, a high school English teacher. Respected and steadily employed, she has a ridiculously high success rate on the dating scene, the type of woman with men falling at her feet to date her.

Who is Eun bi from Flower Boy ramen shop?

She accidentally encounters Cha Chi Soo, the arrogant son of the biggest food conglomerate in Korea. Cha Chi Soo fascinates women with his good looks and charm. Eun Bi is attracted to him before she finds out that he is only a high school student and thus several years younger than her.

When did Flower Boy Ramyun shop come out?

Boy” Flower Boy series, which stars pretty boys that are designed to appeal to the teenage demographic. It follows “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop” (2011) and “Shut Up Flower Boy Band” (2012).

Who is Chi soo in Flower Boy Ramyun shop?

But Eun Bi can’t quite make out his identity, as she mistakes Chi Soo at first for an employee of the food company, then a student at her university, and then for a student at the high school where she will be a student teacher. Then they both end up working at a ramen shop owned by the lazy Choi Kang Hyuk (Lee Ki Woo).

Who are the flower boys in do mi?

Suddenly, the fearful Do Mi is surrounded by flower boys (a Korean term that refers to young, pretty boys), including Watanabe Ryu (Kouki Mizuta), a Japanese chef who moves in on the same floor, forcing her to come out of her shell.