Who is on stage at the Musikverein in Vienna?

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Who is on stage at the Musikverein in Vienna?

International stars like Harnoncourt, Barenboim, and Argerich share the stage with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra and the Vienna Philharmonic. In a city famous for classical music, the Musikverein carries a special responsibility.

Who are the famous people at the Musikverein?

Cecilia Bartoli, Nikolaus Harnoncourt, Seiji Ozawa, Riccardo Muti, Anna Netrebko – Deibler knew or knows them all, the celebrities of the world of classical music who are constantly coming and going at the Musikverein.

Who was the patron of the Musikverein Society?

Imperial consent for the foundation of the society is granted, and the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Vienna is able to begin its work. Its first secretary is Joseph Sonnleitner. The patron of the society is Archduke Rudolph , brother of the reigning Emperor and personal friend of Ludwig van Beethoven.

Who was the director of the Musikverein singing school?

The interest among non-members is so great that a third concert by the society has to be moved to a larger venue: the Großer Redoutensaal. The Konservatorium of the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde begins its work with two singing classes. The director of this “singing school” is Antonio Salieri.

Is it raining at the Musikverein in Vienna?

A torrential downpour is dousing downtown Vienna, and within a very short time two to three thousand people with umbrellas and dripping coats stream into the Musikverein’s foyer.

Which is the most popular concert at the Musikverein?

A highlight at the Musikverein is the annual New Year’s Concert. 50 million people follow the performance, making it is the world’s most popular classical concert. With this many eyes and ears on the Musikverein, there is no room for error. “And then those really special moments are created, those Magic Moments”