Who designed the McLaren P1?

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Who designed the McLaren P1?

Frank Stephenson
Robert Melville
McLaren P1/Designers

How many McLaren P1 are made?

375 units
McLaren has closely monitored demand to maintain exclusivity, and announced a production number of just 375 units – a figure that will ensure the McLaren P1 will remain a rarity and, if spotted on the road, an unforgettable sight.

How much horsepower does a McLaren P1 have?


Engine V8, 379cc, twin-turbo, plus 131kW electric motor
Power (bhp) 903 (combined) @ 7500rpm
Torque (lb ft) 664 (combined) @ 4000rpm
Weight 1490kg

What is the top speed of the McLaren P1?

217 mph
The McLaren P1 has a top speed of 217 mph.

Is the 720S faster than P1?

It’s official – The McLaren 720S is faster than the (standard) P1 around a track. For those of you competent in mathematics, the ‘Super’ Series 720S managed to better the ‘Ultimate’ Series P1 by a whole 1.1 seconds.

Is the P1 street legal?

It’s now the first of six P1 GTR-18s that’ll be built with help from the O’Gara group – all of which will be road-legal and will feature different retro liveries first seen on racing F1s in the 1990s.

Is McLaren Senna faster than P1?

The seven-year-old McLaren P1 remains faster than the two-year-old Senna, despite the latter being more modern and weighing almost 400 pounds less than its hybrid hypercar brother.

What are the specs of a McLaren P1?

The numbers behind the P1™ are astonishing – but this isn’t a car that can be reduced to statistics. It was created to be driven, to deliver extreme performance on road and on track, to be fast, safe and supremely rewarding.

Why was the McLaren P1 inspired by a fighter jet?

Fighter jet canopy. The glasshouse on the McLaren P1™ was inspired by the canopies of fighter jets, which creates a sense of flying. As with the 12C, the windscreen is deeper than it is wide, which gives a feeling inside of lightness and airiness in the cabin.

How long does it take to charge a McLaren P1?

The battery can be charged by the engine or through a plug-in equipment and can be fully charged in two hours. The car can be operated using either the petrol engine, the electric motor or with a combination of the two. The P1 has an all-electric range of at least 10 km (6.2 mi) on the combined European drive cycle.