Who bought Dallas Airmotive?

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Who bought Dallas Airmotive?

BBA Group plc
1991 Dallas Airmotive receives authorization as a Honeywell TPE331 engine overhaul and major service center. 1997 BBA Group plc acquires Dallas Airmotive.

How many employees does Dallas Airmotive have?

DALLAS AIRMOTIVE has 1,001 to 5,000 employees.

What is Dallas Airmotive?

Dallas Airmotive is an independent, OEM-authorized maintenance, repair and overhaul company providing global support of turbine engines used in business and general aviation, government/military and commercial aviation.

Is StandardAero buying Dallas Airmotive?

StandardAero has completed its $230 million acquisition of the engine repair and overhaul (ERO) business of Signature Aviation. Announced in February, the deal includes Dallas Airmotive, H&S Aviation, W.H. Barrett Turbine Engine Co., International Governor Services, and International Turbine Service.

Who bought Standard Aero?

StandardAero was purchased for approximately $670 million dollars. Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE) acquired StandardAero and Landmark Aviation from The Carlyle Group in 2007 for $1.9 billion.

How big is Standard Aero?

About StandardAero Nearly 6,600 professional, administrative and technical employees work in 55+ major facilities worldwide, with additional strategically located regional service and support centers all across the globe.

How many employees does Standard Aero have?

StandardAero/Number of employees

Who owns Standard Aero?

The Carlyle Group
StandardAero/Parent organizations

How much is StandardAero worth?


Type Private
Revenue $3 billion
Number of employees 6000
Divisions Business Aviation Commercial and General Aviation Government and Military Helicopter Programs Industrial Power
Website http://www.standardaero.com/

What does StandardAero do?

StandardAero offers extensive MRO services and custom solutions for business aviation, commercial aviation, military, and industrial power customers.

How many employees does StandardAero have?

What does Standard Aero do?

Who is Dallas Airmotive and what do they do?

Dallas Airmotive is an OEM-authorized, supplier of maintenance, repair & overhaul services for turbine engines used in aviation AOG REQUESTFIND MY REP Toggle navigation ENGINE SERVICES FIELD SUPPORT Services Component Repair Engine & Parts Sales NEWS & MEDIA CERTIFICATIONS About About Us Locations History Our Team Events Careers Signature Aviation

How much Does Dallas Airmotive charge for engine overhaul?

Dallas Airmotive Releases New Capped Pricing Package for PW206B2 Engine Overhaul Events DAI’s Price CAP Promise™ tiered service and support packages for PW206B2 model engines include not-to-exceed prices to ease Airbus Helicopters H135 operator budgetary concerns

How long does it take to contact Dallas Airmotive?

Please fill out the form below and a Dallas Airmotive representative will follow up with you within 48 hours, or email us for more information.

Is there an engine repair company in Dallas?

BUILD YOUR CAREER Dallas Airmotive and its affiliated engine services companies offer challenging and rewarding career opportunities for aviation professionals. LEARN MORE SHOP TALK Dallas Airmotive Brazil Regional Turbine Center Now Provides PW500 Hot Section Inspections