Who are the pundits on Gillette Soccer Saturday?

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Who are the pundits on Gillette Soccer Saturday?

Regular panellists Phil Thompson, Charlie Nicholas and Matt Le Tissier are all out, but anchor Jeff Stelling remains along with studio guest Paul Merson, while Chris Kamara reprises his on-the-road role that has produced many a memorable moment from around the grounds.

Who presents Saturday Social on Sky Sports?

Joe Thomlinson
Saturday Social 2020/21 Sharky & Nieve Pegg join Adam Smith and Joe Thomlinson to discuss the biggest footballing trends on social media this week.

Who is Michelle Owen Sky Sports?

Sky Sports’ Michelle Owen. A TV presenter and reporter from Newtown has been announced as the new face of Sky Sports’ EFL coverage. Michelle Owen said it is “incredible” to be part of Sky Football’s presenting team after seven years of reporting for Soccer Saturday.

Who is on Soccer Saturday now?

Current host Jeff Stelling joined the programme in 1994 and became its sole presenter a year later. For the 1998/99 season, the programme became a football-only programme and accordingly the name of the programme changed to Soccer Saturday.

Who is Joe Thomlinson?

Senior Social Media Producer I became the Head Producer & lead presenter for one of the biggest independent multi-platform digital football channel’s – The Football Daily. I also launched Euro Football Daily – focusing on the more niche leagues across Europe.

Who are the current presenters of Sports Saturday?

Sports Saturday was similar in format to the BBC’s Grandstand programme featuring a variety of sports and as with Grandstand, the programme finished with news of the day’s football. Current host Jeff Stelling joined the programme in 1994 and became its sole presenter a year later.

Who are the hosts of Sky Soccer Saturday?

Gillette Soccer Saturday is a weekly television programme broadcast on Sky Sports in the United Kingdom and Ireland during the football season. The programme updates viewers on the progress of association football games in the United Kingdom on Saturday afternoons. The current host is Jeff Stelling. The programme is sponsored by Gillette.

Who are the pundits on Sky Soccer Saturday?

A new season brings with it new faces on Sky Sports’ Soccer Saturday after the show opted for a shake-up in the summer transfer window.

Who are the guests on Shocker Saturday on Sky Sports?

Shocker Saturday is a segment parodying Sky Sports News ‘ Soccer Saturday, featuring Fendley playing the part of Jeff Stelling. The studio guests, standing in front of a green-screen in the studio, pretend to be match reporters.