Who are the most famous doctors?

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Who are the most famous doctors?

The Most Influential Physicians in History, Part 4: The Top Ten

  • #8 Edward Jenner (1749-1823)
  • #7 Ibn Sina/Avicenna (980-1037)
  • #6 Andreas Vesalius (1514-1564)
  • #5 Sigmund Freud (1856-1939)
  • #4 Sir Joseph Lister (1827-1912)
  • #3 Ignaz Semmelweis (1818-1865)
  • #2 Hippocrates (c. 460-c. 375 BCE)
  • #1 Sir William Osler (1849-1919)

Who is the famous doctor in India?

Dr Panda is also called ‘one of the safest heart surgeons in the world’ and ‘the ‘surgeon with the safest hands’. Medgate Today honored Dr. Panda as the No 1 heart surgeon and one of the 25 living legends in the healthcare of India….Ramakanta Panda.

Dr. Ramakanta Panda
Awards Padma Bhushan

What are some doctors names?

Specialty doctors

  • Allergists. An allergist or immunologist focuses on preventing and treating allergic diseases and conditions.
  • Dermatologists.
  • Infectious disease doctors.
  • Ophthalmologists.
  • Obstetrician/gynecologists.
  • Cardiologists.
  • Endocrinologists.
  • Gastroenterologists.

Who is the most famous doctor now?

From federally-appointed medical directors to prolific bloggers, here are some of the most influential physicians in the United States today.

  • Anthony Fauci, MD.
  • Rochelle Walensky, MD, MPH.
  • Robert Redfield, MD.
  • Sanjay Gupta, MD.
  • Laurie Glimcher, MD.
  • Atul Gawande, MD, MPH.
  • Mark Hyman, MD.

Who Is World’s Greatest Doctor?

Meet the world’s most powerful doctor: Bill Gates – POLITICO.

Who is world’s best doctor?

Here is a list of the 10 best doctors in the world:

  • Dr. Fouad. M.
  • Dr. Khalid Abbed, M.D. Dr.
  • Dr. Naresh Trehan. Dr.
  • Dr. Arthur Reese Abright, M.D. Dr.
  • Dr. Corrie T.M Anderson, M.D. Dr.
  • Dr. Mark. F.
  • Dr. Sudhansu Bhattacharyya, MBBS, MS, MCH. Dr.
  • Dr. Mona. M. Abaza, M.D.

What’s a good doctor name?

Shaun Murphy
The series stars Freddie Highmore as Shaun Murphy, a young autistic savant surgical resident at the fictional San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital.

Who is the strongest doctor?

Dr. Darrell Wolfe – đź’° MEET THE WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL DOCTOR – BILL GATES đź‘” | Facebook.

Who is the most famous doctor in the world?

Merit-Ptah (c. 2700 BC)

  • Hippocrates (460 BC – 370 BC)
  • Metrodora (200-400 BC)
  • Avicenna or Ibn Sina (980-1037)
  • Louis Pasteur (1822-1895)
  • Elizabeth Blackwell (1821-1910)
  • Joseph Lister (1827-1912)
  • Sigmund Freud (1856-1939)
  • Virginia Apgar (1909-1974)
  • What are funny doctor names?

    2 – Funny specialty-name matches that are either funny or scary: Dr. Love (cardiologist) Dr. Schpritz (urologist) Dr. Di(ana) Mort (oncologist) Dr. Plack (cardiologist) Dr. Slaughter (surgeon) Dr. Zipper (urologist)

    Who were famous women doctors?

    Women Physicians Jill Stein. Jill Stein is a physician who later became the presidential nominee for the Green Party in the 2012 and 2016 elections. Mae Jemison. Former NASA astronaut Mae Jemison became the first Black woman to fly into space, as a mission specialist on the Space Shuttle Endeavour. Maria Montessori. Anandi Gopal Joshi Virginia Apgar Michelle Bachelet

    Who is a famous female doctor?

    Vera Gedroitz (1870-1932), the first female professor of surgery in the world. Ogino Ginko (1851-1913), first licensed and practicing female physician of western medicine in Japan. Anastasia Golovina, also known as Anastassya Nikolau Berladsky-Golovina, and Atanasya Golovina (1850-1933), the first Bulgarian female doctor.