Which treatment is better when proximal femur fractures?

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Which treatment is better when proximal femur fractures?

Proximal femur fractures are treated with surgery. Proximal femur fractures are treated by using IM nail or an extramedullary sliding hip screw (SHS) or hip arthroplasty methods depending on the condition of the patient or the choice of the surgeon.

When should I start physio after hip fracture?

A physiotherapy assessment and mobilisation, such as weight-bearing exercises, should begin the day after hip fracture surgery. While you’re in hospital, your rehabilitation may take place in: an orthopaedic ward – for people with bone and joint conditions.

Can you walk with a femoral head fracture?

If you sustain a femoral head fracture, you will usually not be able to walk on your leg due to pain. You will likely be taken to an emergency room for evaluation.

What is a proximal femoral fracture?

Proximal femoral fractures are a subset of fractures that occur in the hip region. They tend to occur in older patients, and in those who have osteoporosis.

What does proximal femur mean?

Proximal femur includes the femoral head, neck and the region 5-cm distal to the lesser trochanter. There is a 125°–130° inclination angle between the head and neck and the femoral body. Further, there is a 15° anteversion angle between the plane passing through the condyles of the femoral head and the femur neck.

How soon can I walk after hip pinning?

You may be able to walk on your own in 4 to 6 weeks. Until then, you will need crutches or a walker. After that, you may need to walk with a cane. Ask your doctor when you can drive again.

How big is a PFN proximal femoral nail?

PFN Nail (Proximal Femoral Nail) Short sizes: Distal diameter 9-13 mm, Angle 130° or 135°, Length from 180 to 240 mm. Available in both stainless Steel and Titanium. PFN Nail (Proximal Femoral Nail) Long sizes: Distal diameter 9-13 mm, Angle 130° or 135°, Length from 300 to 420 mm. Available in both stainless Steel and Titanium.

What’s the best way to nail a femoral fracture?

Approach for nailing of proximal femoral fractures 1 General considerations Drape the patient so that the iliac crest is exposed, since the incision will need to be quite… 2 Localization of incision Begin by identifying the tip of the greater trochanter and the axis of the femur. Mark these… 3 Deep incision More

Is there a standard rehabilitation protocol after femoral nailing?

The rehabilitation used and control data were not reported in this study. Other authors 4,5,17,18 have also identified hip abduction weakness as a complication after antegrade IM nailing, which may lead to functional limitations. Inadequate postoperative rehabilitation is a potential cause of delayed strength.

How are physical therapists used to treat femoral fractures?

The purpose of this case report is to describe physical therapist management with an evaluation-based, early intervention approach following surgical fixation of a femoral fracture with antegrade intramedullary nailing. As part of documenting improvement in function, instrumented gait analysis was used to quantify the effects of the intervention.