Which is an example of nonreactive research?

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Which is an example of nonreactive research?

Non-reactive or unobtrusive methods, as they are sometimes called, are used to collect data without asking for it and overcome response problems, such as selective participation. Using existing census data is an example of a non-reactive method.

What is non reactive research?

Definition of Nonreactive Research (noun) The use of secondary data to conduct research so that direct contact with subjects does not influence their behavior.

What materials are considered secondary data?

Which materials are considered secondary data?Books and articles written by other authors about their studies. .Responses from participants whom you both surveyed and interviewed. .Photos and letters given to you by another person. .Information that you have gathered and now have included in your results. .

Which would a quantitative sociologist use to gather data?

Quantitative sociology uses statistical methods such as surveys with large numbers of participants. Researchers analyze data using statistical techniques to see if they can uncover patterns of human behavior.