Which bank routing number is 236084285?

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Which bank routing number is 236084285?

To sign up for direct deposit, give your employer PFFCU’s ABA Routing Number 236084285. Click here for our PFFCU Direct Deposit form.

What time does the Police and Fire Credit Union close?

Telephone Member Service

Days of the Week Hours
Monday-Friday 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM
Saturday 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM

Can you deposit cash at an ATM Pffcu?

Yes, most of our ATMs do accept both cash and check deposits. You do not need to use an envelope when making a deposit at one of our ATMs.

How much can you withdraw from Pffcu ATM?

How much money can I withdraw from the ATM? You may withdraw up to $500.00 in available funds from your Share or Checking account per each 24-hour period. (If the system is out of service, you may withdraw up to $50.00. Different limits may apply at other financial institutions’ ATMs.)

What bank routing number is this 036076150?

Routing numbers by State

State Routing Number For Wire Transfer
Ohio 241070417 241070417
Pennsylvania 036076150 036076150
Rhode Island 011500120 011500120
Vermont 021313103 021313103

How do I endorse a check PFFCU?

Upon receipt of confirmation that PFFCU has received the Mobile Deposit, prominently write on the front of the check Electronically Deposited on XX/XX/XXXX (write in month, day, and year in place of Xs).

What is the maximum amount for mobile deposit?

Mobile Deposit Limits – Online Banks

Online bank Mobile deposit limit(s)
Capital One 360 $5,000 or 20 checks per day or $10,000 per month
Ally Bank $50,000 per day or $250,000 in a 30-day period
Bank of Internet $10,000 per day or $50,000 per 30-day period
TIAA Direct $30,000 per day or up to 6 checks per day

Does Pffcu charge ATM fees?

No charge for first two withdrawals or transfers out each month. 4. Unlimited free transactions at PFFCU ATMs, members receive 10 free ATM transactions per month at non-PFFCU ATMs, any transactions thereafter are $1.00 each….FEES EFFECTIVE AS OF 7/1/21.

Transaction Related Fees
ATM Fee4 $1.00

Does Pffcu do wire transfers?

Can I transfer funds to another PFFCU Member? Yes, you can transfer funds to another member by using their account number, share/loan ID, and the first three letters of their last name. This feature is available under Transactions, Member Transfer & Link in the left navigation. Click the Single Transfer button.

Is there a police and fire Credit Union?

Online Banking​ | PFFCU – Police and Fire Federal Credit UnionPFFCU – Police and Fire Federal Credit Union Conveniently manage your finances with ease using FREE PFFCU Online Banking.

How many branches does pffcu Federal Credit Union have?

Knowledgeable, friendly Service Representatives are ready to serve you at any of our 17 branches, Loan Center, and local full service Call Center. Low rates on loans, high yields on deposits, delivered with outstanding Service! 24/7 account access through Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Mobile App, and 24-Hour EXPRESS Banker.

How to manage your finances with pffcu online banking?

Conveniently manage your finances with ease using FREE PFFCU Online Banking. View account balances and transaction history, transfer funds, apply for loans, pay bills, view or print account statements, access your PFFCU Credit Card information, access debit card controls, and more.

Where is the Center City Credit Union in Philadelphia?

Center City Philadelphia: Main Office. 901 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107. 215-931-0300 or 800-228-8801. Mon-Fri: 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM. Sat: 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM. Located in Center City Philadelphia at the intersection of 9th and Arch Streets. This branch is convenient to the Ben Franklin Bridge for members traveling from New Jersey.