Where is Warren Clarke buried?

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Where is Warren Clarke buried?

Actor. He will perhaps be best known for playing ‘Dim’ in the controversial Stanley Kubrick film “A Clockwork Orange” (1971)….Warren Clarke.

Original Name Alan James Clarke
Death 12 Nov 2014 (aged 67) London, City of London, Greater London, England
Burial Unknown
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What channel is Dalziel and Pascoe on?

Dalziel And Pascoe/Networks

Is Dalziel still alive?

British actor Warren Clarke, best known for TV role in Dalziel And Pascoe, has died aged 67 after a short illness, his agent has confirmed. The actor is due to appear in a remake of Poldark. The series, which is due to be released next year, was his last role before his death.

How tall is Warren Clarke?

5′ 11″
Warren Clarke/Height

Why was di Pascoe in Dalziel and Pascoe?

Supt. Dalziel and partner DI Pascoe investigate murders, and find a bond forming between them despite their blatantly differing personalities. With a second murder to investigate, the police are no further ahead. Animal rights activists had been threatening Declan Roach and there was a good deal of tension on the team.

Where does the TV series Dalziel and Pascoe take place?

The series was first broadcast on 16 March 1996, with Warren Clarke being cast as Dalziel (pronounced “dee-ell”, / diːˈɛl / (listen)) and Colin Buchanan being cast as Pascoe. The series is primarily set in the fictional town of Wetherton in Yorkshire, and “follows the work of two detectives that are thrown together as partners.

Who is Philip Swain in Dalziel and Pascoe?

Ironically, Dalziel and his suspect (Philip Swain) are cast in a cathedral mystery play as God and the devil, respectively. A young missing husband, a series of letters to Dalziel by an intended suicide, heroin in the autopsy, changes in testimony, and bodies buried in concrete add to the drama facing Dalziel and Pascoe.

Who is the pathologist in Dalziel and Pascoe?

The first name of the pathologist played by James Puddephatt changed during series 7. For all episodes up to and including Dalziel and Pascoe: For Love Nor Money, his name was listed in the credits as Dr Paul Ashurst; for all episodes from Dalziel and Pascoe: Dialogues of the Dead: Part 1 onwards, his name was credited as Dr James Ashurst.