Where is the O2 Academy Brixton in London?

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Where is the O2 Academy Brixton in London?

O2 Academy Brixton is the trading name of Academy Music Group Limited. Company number: 3463738. VAT number: 710648159. Registered in England and Wales. 211 Stockwell Road. London SW9 9SL.

When did Judas Priest play at Brixton Academy?

Live at Brixton Academy, a 2003 live DVD by the Inspiral Carpets. Live in London, a 2003 live album by Judas Priest, recorded in 2001. A live album was released immediately after all four Pixies 2004 concerts. Franz Ferdinand recorded part of their self-titled live DVD at Brixton Academy in 2004.

When did the Brixton Academy become a music venue?

In 1983, Simon Parkes bought the venue for £1, and re-opened it as the Brixton Academy. The Academy’s success steadily grew throughout the 1980s with numerous reggae productions and it was hired out to major rock and pop acts such as Eric Clapton, Dire Straits & The Police for rehearsal. The venue was also used for video shoots for Wham!

When did Franz Ferdinand play at Brixton Academy?

Franz Ferdinand recorded part of their self-titled live DVD at Brixton Academy in 2004. The Death in Vegas album Satan’s Circus was released as a limited edition double pack including a live CD recorded at Brixton Academy. Rumble in Brixton, a 2004 live album and DVD by Stray Cats.

Is there parking at the O2 in Birmingham?

The Birmingham O2 Academy has established itself as a well-respected venue by everyone from stage-striding veterans to new kids on the block. As a result, car parking to see your chosen act can be tricky. Our Birmingham Horsefair and Birmingham New Street car parks are conveniently located just a stone’s throw from the Academy.

How big is the O2 Academy in Birmingham?

Often used by big bands as a warm-up venue for national and international tours, it has hosted the likes of The Prodigy, George Ezra and Kasabian. The main hall (known as Academy 1) can hold more than 3000 people, while the smallest (known as Academy 3) can hold around 250.

Which is the nearest overground train station to Brixton?

The nearest Overground train station is Brixton railway station on Atlantic Road (via staircases).