Where is the du 20 acupuncture point?

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Where is the du 20 acupuncture point?

Bai Hui, the point at the top of the head translates to 100 meetings. Otherwise known as Du 20 or Governing Vessel 20, this point is located on the midline of the head in line with the apex of the ears, it centers the crown of the head.

How do I find my GV20?

Baihui (GV20) is an acupoint of the Du meridian (the government vessel), which locates at the intersection of the line connecting the apexes of the two auricles and the median line of the head, 7 cun directly above the posterior hairline and 5 cun behind the anterior hairline according to the TCM theory of acupuncture …

What is the most powerful acupuncture point?

Stomach 36 is an amazing point. It is one of the most widely used acupuncture points on the body because it is so powerful.

What is the acupuncture point between the eyes?

Yin Tang is also knows as the Hall of Impressions. It is located between the inner eyebrows and is also known as the third eye area. It can be used for headaches, allergies, sinuses, vertigo, heavy sensation in the head, anxiety, insomnia, stress, and eye disorders.

Do acupressure points really work?

Although acupressure may provide some pain relief for people in labor, other strategies, such as ice massage, provide more significant pain reduction, according to a 2017 study . There is evidence to suggest that applying pressure to certain acupressure points can induce labor.

What are the acupuncture points for depression?


  • HEART 7 (HT-7) “SPIRIT GATE” Location: On the crease of your inner wrist towards the ulnar (pinky finger) side.
  • NEIGUAN (PC6) Location: Find the middle of your wrist, about two finger widths below the palm.

Can acupuncture release trapped emotions?

By treating areas of the body affected by trauma, acupuncture can help release the emotional pain that is being held in the body’s tissues, helping you to process the feelings and memories, let them go, and move on.