Where is the band The Molly Ringwalds from?

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Where is the band The Molly Ringwalds from?

New Orleans
After moving from Sheffield, England, to New Orleans about 15 years ago, the Molly Ringwalds set out to carry ’80s music around the world.

How long have the Molly Ringwalds been around?

The Molly Ringwalds were one of the first bands to build an entire brand around capitalizing off of 80s nostalgia. Founded in 1999 by singer and guitarist Sir Devon Nooner, along with some fellow Brits, who had moved from England to New Orleans.

Is Molly Ringwald in a band?

It all started in late 1999 when singer, guitarist and synthesizer player Sir Devon Nooner and three other guys formed a band named after actress Molly Ringwald, the star of the now classic John Hughes films “Sixteen Candles,” “The Breakfast Club” and “Pretty in Pink.” Guitarist and singer “Platinum” Randi Wilde joined …

What is the Molly Ringwald project?

Boasting a Motley cast of characters from all over the Central Coast, the Molly Ringwald Project (tMRP) is an escape back to the days when music videos killed radio stars. Over the top showmanship and even bigger hair was all the rage, the songs remain ever TRUE.

Who is in the spazmatics?

The band members are: Zeek -Lead Vocals; Joey – Bass Guitar; Bjorn – Lead Guitar; and Ralphie – Drums. FROM THE SPAZMATICS OFFICIAL BIO! Yep, these zany guys from Austin, Texas, aren’t just another ’80s rock ‘n’ roll cover band.

Where was the Molly ringwalds concert in Dallas?

From 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. the Dallas House of Blues was the biggest karaoke bar in North Texas. Beware concert goers, because a Molly Ringwalds show isn’t a concert, it’s a party!

Who are the band members of Molly Ringwald?

To show off their totally tubular, gnarly bitchen 80’s vibe, the guys in the band were all decked out in their rad 80’s duds. Singer/guitarist Sir Devon Nooner had the Adam Ant look while keyboardist/singer Dickie English had a Freddie Mercury motif going on.

Why are the Molly ringwalds called the Anthony Michael Halls?

Yes, the Molly Ringwalds were in Dallas to remind us how cool the music was back in the day when we thought makeup on guys looked kind of cool, regardless if they were New Wavers or Hair Band Headbangers! So, what’s up with the band’s name, the Molly Ringwalds? Well, I guess calling themselves the “Anthony Michael Halls” was just too long.

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