Where is Esther Arunga now?

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Where is Esther Arunga now?

Esther Adongo Arunga, also known as Esther Timberlake, is a barrister and solicitor and former television and radio presenter from Kenya, who now resides in Australia.

What happened to Esther Arunga and her husband?

Esther Arunga with Timberlake [Photo: Courtesy] Esther and her husband Quincy Timberlake were later questioned by Australian police over the death. Australian Channel 7 aired the sad news that the son died at their home in Kallangur area of Queensland from complications following a fall.

What Esther Arunga did?

She worked as an announcer and journalist at Capital FM and later for KTN. The Presenter would also scoop the 2008 CHAT awards for best Teen TV. Arunga’s fate would take a different twist in 2009 when she fell out with her parents and joined the Finger of God Church started by her cousin Joseph Hellon.

Who are Esther Arunga parents?

Robert Arunga
Petroline Arunga
Esther Arunga/Parents

Despite her fame and relative success, she continued to live with her parents, Dr Robert Arunga and Petoline Amollo Arunga, at their upmarket residence in Lavington Estate.

How old is Catherine Kasavuli?

About 59 years (1962)
Catherine Kasavuli/Age
Catherine Kasavuli (born 1962) is a former Kenyan news presenter. Kasavuli was the first female news anchor in the country and has previously worked in other leading television stations including The Kenyan Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), Citizen Television and Kenya Television Network (KTN).

What happened to Louis Otieno?

Otieno suffered an acute pancreatic infection that crashed his hearing system. With the disease taking over his life and his fame dimming, friends fled. His phones, he says, rang incessantly when he was a popular TV anchor. They went mute as soon as he was fired.

Is Quincy Timberlake in jail?

Timberlake was also arrested; while the rest of the group was released on bail after 2 days, he and Arunga were held in police custody. They both claim to have been isolated and tortured. Timberlake spent months behind bars but was finally released with no charges in May 2011.

Where is Quincy Timberlake from?

Homa Bay, Kenya
Quincy Timberlake/Place of birth