Where did Species 8472 get its name from?

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Where did Species 8472 get its name from?

Species 8472 have a name in-turn that comes from one of Star Trek’s cybernetic aliens, the Borg, whom they were engaged in a war with when the USS Voyager made contact with them. They are noted for being a tripedal species, telepathic, and for their use of biotechnology.

How did the Doctor destroy the Species 8472?

Armed with bio-molecular warheads which contained modified nanoprobes developed by The Doctor, Voyager destroyed a number of Species 8472 bio-ships in fluidic and normal space. Species 8472 withdrew to their realm, soon after, in fear of the new weapon.

What is the name of the Borg Species 8472?

Seven of Nine rated Species 8472 devious and highly intelligent, claiming it would seek the most efficient means of destroying its opponent. ( VOY: ” Scorpion “, ” Scorpion, Part II “, ” Prey “) The species’ name for itself is unknown, having only been referred to by their Borg designation.

What happens to Species 8472 in Star Trek?

In return for Janeway’s help, the Borg allow Voyager safe passage through their space for the duration of their cooperative efforts. However, upon Species 8472’s retreat from normal space, the Borg terminate the alliance in favor of (unsuccessfully) assimilating Voyager .

When was Diaspididae first used as a family?

Diaspididae Targioni Tozzetti was first used as a family by Brues and Melander (1932). Armored scales occur in all zoogeographic regions.

Why are the armored scales of Diaspididae hidden?

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