Where did megalodon live?

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Where did megalodon live?

The megalodon lived in most regions of the ocean (except near the poles). While juveniles kept to the shores, adults preferred coastal areas but could move into the open ocean. The most northern fossils are found off the coast of Denmark and the most southern in New Zealand.

Did the megalodon live in Australia?

Western Australian Museum scientists made the discovery when they uncovered 38 teeth belonging to Carcharocles megalodon, a prehistoric shark that research suggests grew to between 15 and 19 metres in length. …

Did the megalodon live everywhere?

Based on gathered fossil data from Pimiento’s PhD work [1,4], Megalodon is revealed to have had a cosmopolitan distribution, living worldwide. Its fossils have been found on every continent except Antarctica (Fig. 2).

What did a megalodon look like?

Most reconstructions show megalodon looking like an enormous great white shark. megalodon likely had a much shorter nose, or rostrum, when compared with the great white, with a flatter, almost squashed jaw. Like the blue shark, it also had extra-long pectoral fins to support its weight and size.

What preyed on megalodon?

Megalodon was an apex predator, or top carnivore, in the marine environments it inhabited (see also keystone species). It preyed upon fish, baleen whales, toothed whales (such as ancestral forms of modern sperm whales, dolphins, and killer whales), sirenians (such as dugongs and manatees), and seals.

Have they ever found a megalodon skeleton?

Fossil remains of megalodon have been found in shallow tropical and temperate seas along the coastlines and continental shelf regions of all continents except Antarctica.

Do Megalodons still exist 2020?

There is no record, they completely vanish. The only valid conclusion is megalodon became extinct. This shows the evolution of the megalodon, from a small Cretaceous shark to the apex predator of the Pliocene. After the Pliocene, megalodon fossils are no longer present.

What did Megalodon really look like?

The megalodon looked much like today’s great white shark, but was far bigger and more powerfully-built. The megalodon’s nose was probably less pointed than that of the great white, and its jaws were wider and flatter. The megalodon had long pectoral fins to balance its large body as it moved through the water.

What are facts about megalodon?

General Megalodon Facts. The Megalodon is an extinct species of shark from the Cenozoic Era , living approximately 1.5 to 2.6 million years ago. At an estimated length of 45 – 60 ft. long, it is the largest prehistoric shark to have ever existed.

Where does megalodon live?

Megalodon lived in temperate coastal waters, with global distribution — but not everywhere. In the beginning, they were mostly confined to the Northern Hemisphere.

Is megalodon the biggest animal?

Plants and Animals. Karen Carr, via Wikimedia Commons . The megalodon shark (C. megalodon) is widely regarded as both the largest shark to have ever lived on Earth and one of the largest vertebrate predators in history.