Where did Games Workshop get their funding from?

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Where did Games Workshop get their funding from?

In early 1979 Games Workshop provided the funding to found Citadel Miniatures in Newark-on-Trent. Citadel would produce the metal miniatures used in its role-playing games and tabletop wargames.

Why do you want to work at Games Workshop?

Games Workshop is a diverse mix of talented individuals. We’re passionate about we do: make the best fantasy miniatures in the world and create rich universes for them to inhabit. We build teams for the long-term and reward hard work with endless opportunities for growth.

When did Bryan Ansell take over Games Workshop?

Following a management buyout by him and Bryan Ansell in December 1991, when Livingstone and Jackson sold their shares for £ 10 million, Games Workshop refocused on their miniature wargames Warhammer Fantasy Battle (WFB) and Warhammer 40,000 (WH40k), their most lucrative lines. The retail chain refocused on a younger, more family-oriented market.

When did Games Workshop Make Lord of the Rings?

In conjunction with the promotion of The Lord of the Rings film trilogy in 2001, Games Workshop acquired the rights to produce a skirmish wargame and miniatures, using the movies’ production and publicity art, and information provided by the original novels by J.R.R. Tolkien. A 25mm scale was used.

When did Games Workshop move to Lenton, Nottingham?

In October 1997 all U.K.-based operations were relocated to the current headquarters in Lenton, Nottingham. The company diversified by acquiring Sabretooth Games (card games), creating the Black Library (literature), and working with THQ (computer games).

When was Warhammer Fantasy discontinued by Games Workshop?

Warhammer Fantasy was discontinued in July 2015 in favor of the current game system Warhammer Age of Sigmar. The change was set up over a string of supplements released for the eighth edition of WFB centred on “The End Times” which led to the almost total destruction of the Warhammer world and the death of most of the world’s population.

What’s the difference between Citadel and Games Workshop?

The distinction between the two blurred after Games Workshop stores ceased to sell retail products by other manufacturers, and Citadel was effectively merged back into Games Workshop. Adeptus Titanicus – A new version of the original game (released 2019).