Where can I Watch Dance Moms Season 4 for free?

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Where can I Watch Dance Moms Season 4 for free?

Streaming, rent, or buy Dance Moms – Season 4: Currently you are able to watch “Dance Moms – Season 4” streaming on Hulu, DIRECTV, Discovery Plus, Discovery+ Amazon Channel, IMDB TV Amazon Channel or for free with ads on Tubi TV, Lifetime, The Roku Channel, Pluto TV.

How old is Maddie Season 4?

Season 4, 2013-14

Start of Season End of Season
Maddie 11 11
Nia 12 13
Paige 12 N/A
Mean Age 11.57 (with Hylands, no Kalani) 11. 6

What year was Season 4 of Dance Moms filmed?

The fourth season of Dance Moms, an American dance reality television created by Collins Avenue Productions, began airing on January 1, 2014 on Lifetime’s television network….Dance Moms (season 4)

Dance Moms
No. of episodes 32
Original network Lifetime
Original release January 1 – October 14, 2014

How old is Abby Lee Miller?

55 years (September 21, 1965)
Abby Lee Miller/Age
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S. Abigale Lee Miller (born September 21, 1965) is an American dance instructor, choreographer, and reality television personality. She is the founder of the Abby Lee Dance Company, which appeared on the reality television series Dance Moms for eight seasons.

Is Dance Moms on Netflix 2020?

Dance Moms: Collection Lifetime isn’t airing a Dance Moms marathon this weekend, but you can watch one on Netflix! Relive your favorite Abby Lee Miller moments with seasons 1,2,3 and 5, which is the current one airing on TV.

Is Chloe still friends with Nia?

In 2017, Nia finally left the ALDC to form “The Irreplaceables” with other past ALDC dancers, including Chloe, Kalani Hilliker, Camryn Bridges and Kendall Vertes. But after Season 7, both Nia and Chloe made their final exit from the show. After their Dance Moms careers ended, it was clear Nia and Chloe stayed close.

Are Maddie and Chloe still friends in 2020?

But just because Lukasiak and Ziegler don’t document their time together doesn’t mean that they don’t see each other on occasion. In fact, former Dance Moms cast members Paige Hyland and Brooke Hyland recently posted a Q & A video that confirmed that Lukasiak and Ziegler are still in contact today.

Who are the girls on Dance Moms season 4?

Brooke, Paige and Chloe are given a tricky trio to challenge Brooke’s pop star credentials, pressuring her to dance and sing. Cathy’s back and ready to beat Abby with a new team of boys.

Who is the ex dance mom on Dance Moms?

Ex-ALDC dance mom, Jeanette, stalks the team to LA and vows revenge against Abby. Cathy schemes to ruin Abby’s west coast visit by challenging the ALDC to a dance off, and everyone is shocked when Abby’s moves steal the show.

Who are the ALDC members on Dance Moms?

The ALDC heads to Michigan, where Abby has her three youngest members McKenzie, Tea and Sarah go head-to-head to see who will be competing in a solo at Nationals. When Abby finds out that Jeanette is bringing Ava to compete against them, she concocts a secret plan to try and secure the win and causes a blowout fight between the ALDC moms.

Who are the choreographers on Dance Moms TV show?

Much of the program depicts the doting mothers as rivals not only of each other but as a group to protect the reputation of the team. All performances are choreographed by Miller and her staff, with the exception of a few guest choreographers.