Where can I Picnic in Stellenbosch?

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Where can I Picnic in Stellenbosch?

Picnics in Stellenbosch

  • Spier Wine Farm. Pre-booked picnics at Spier are available from Eight To Go and need to be booked 24 hours in advance.
  • Blaauwklippen Estate.
  • Zorgvliet Wines.
  • Hartenberg Wine Estate.
  • Warwick Wine Estate.
  • Hazendal Wine Estate.
  • Morgenhof Estate.
  • Vredenheim Estate.

Where can I go a picnic?


  • Go green! A park or forest is the ideal green spot to host a picnic.
  • Waterfront. A beautiful backdrop of water at the beach or lakeside will be a lovely recreational spot for a nice picnic.
  • Urban spaces.

Can you picnic at Lourensford?

Lourensford Wine Estate- Somerset West Ample picnic and garden area to enjoy the beautiful garden surrounding the market. Bring along the whole family! Own picnic baskets and picnic baskets allowed. you can also order your gourmet picnic basket at the market and enjoy your own Picnic @ Lourensford!

What do I pack for a picnic?

Everything You Need to Pack for the Perfect Picnic

  • A Picnic Blanket. Unless you’re planning your picnic in a location that has picnic tables waiting for you bring a blanket for spreading out your picnic items as well as a place to sit.
  • Corkscrew or Bottle Opener.
  • Cutting Board and Knife.
  • Ice Packs or Thermos.
  • Trash Bags.

How big is Vergelegen?

263.7 acres

Type Independent wine producer
Headquarters Somerset West, City of Cape Town , South Africa
Number of locations 24 vineyards 106.71 hectares (263.7 acres)
Products Vergelegen V, Sauvignon Blanc Reserve
Parent Anglo American plc

Do you need a permit to have a picnic in Central Park?

Picnic Permits & Reservations Permits are only needed if you have 20 or more people in your group. If you have less than 20 people, you are not required to have a permit; however, it is the only way to guarantee that your desired location will be available.

Can I say go picnic?

You can say “Will you go picnic tomorrow,” since ‘picnic’ can act as a noun or a verb. But the most common use is as a noun, so it may sound odd to some people at first.

Who is the owner of Lourensford Wine Estate?

Dr Christo Wiese
The Estate has a proud history as a world class fruit farm and the winemaking tradition was revived when Dr Christo Wiese purchased Lourensford in 1998.

Who owns Vergelegen Estate?

Anglo American plc
Vergelegen Wine Estate/Parent organizations

Where to go for a picnic in Stellenbosch?

Our private picnic pods, on our lawn of Jordan Wine Estate, have breathtaking views of the Stellenbosch Kloof Valley and Stellenbosch Mountains and can accommodate 4-8 adults! Each basket is filled to the brim with delectable treats from The Bakery at Jordan.

Which is the best winery to visit in Stellenbosch?

The Top 10 Stellenbosch Wineries to Visit 1 Waterford Wine Estate. 2 Kleine Zalze Wine Estate. 3 Tokara Wine Estate. 4 Spier Wine Farm. 5 Marianne Wine Estate. 6 Peter Falke Wines. 7 House of J.C. 8 Uva Mira Mountain Vineyards. 9 Delaire Graff Estate. 10 Warwick Wine Estate.

Where is the picnic area in Franschhoek wine valley?

The picnic area is located at the Rhone lawns – this is in the wine-making and wine-tasting hub of Boschendal. Book a picnic basket at Rhone Rose Garden and receive a 10% discount on your wine tasting or wine purchase at the Cellar Door for the same day.

When do picnics start at Jordan Wines Stellenbosch?

Picnics can be collected from 12:30 on the day of your booking. You’ll have access to your private pod until 16:00.