When was the Stihl 024 made?

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When was the Stihl 024 made?

The 024 was produced from 1982-1994. This saw makes 2.6HP from 41.6ccs. This saw is recommended for bars from 16-20″ long.

What CC is a 024 Stihl chainsaw?

024 AVS(Super), 44.3cc, stroke 32mm, bore 42mm, introduced 1984.

What does the AV mean in Stihl chainsaws?

anti-vibration system
Older Stihl chain saw models didn’t come standard with vibration reduction technology. Those that included that feature had the letters “AV” in their names to signify they offered an anti-vibration system.

How much does a Stihl 024 weigh?

10 lbs
Weighing slightly over 10 lbs, the 024 AV Chainsaw is surprisingly easy to operate. The anti-vibration system prevents injuries from prolonged operation. This Stihl safety feature blocks intensive movement from reaching areas that come in contact with operators.

How old is Stihl 044?

1988: Catalytic converter for chainsaws STIHL develops the world’s first catalytic converter for two-stroke engines. It reduces hazardous hydrocarbons in the exhaust gas by 70 to 80 per cent. The STIHL 044 C, the first chainsaw with a catalytic converter, is launched in 1989.

What is the horsepower of a Stihl 026 chainsaw?

026-ms260-horsepower-weight | Arboristsite.com.

How many cc is a Stihl 029 super?

The 029 is: 54.1cc (3.3 C.I.) – 13.0 lbs. – 3.7 hp.

Why did STIHL discontinue the MS290?

Stihl’s #1 selling chainsaw for years running, the MS 290 Farm Boss, is being discontinued. They stopped production on the Farm Boss nearly a year ago and supply is becoming scarce.

Can a Stihl 024 be updated to a 026?

You could update it to an 026 with a crank swap as the cases are the same, but the jug is taller and you will also need a new top cover. Personally I would go with a good used 42mm 024 OEM jug and slug, new Caber rings, and run Picco B&C and it will scream.

How to see the parts list on a Stihl Chainsaw?

Select a page from the Stihl 024 S Chainsaw diagram to view the parts list and exploded view diagram.

What are the specs on a Stihl 024 woodboss?

024 AV/Woodboss, 42cc, stroke 30mm, bore 42mm, introduced 1982. 024 AVS (Super), 44.3cc, stroke 32mm, bore 42mm, introduced 1984. Yah, that is what it shows in the 024/026 WS manual.

What kind of Chain SAW is Stihl oilomatic?

QTY 3 – Stihl Oilomatic Chain Saw Chain 26 RM3 74 18in 74link 325 .063 3689 005 0074 Product Description & Features: Brand: Stihl Estimated… 029 039 0650 1127 120 AUTOKAY CARB Carburetor Chainsaw Chainsaw Carburetor Chainsaw Carburetors fit for Kit. MS290 MS390 STIHL Tune Up