When was Ramin Djawadi born?

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When was Ramin Djawadi born?

19 July 1974 (age 47 years)
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Ramin Djawadi (/rɒˈmiːn ˈdʒɑːvədi/, Persian: رامین جوادی‎, pronounced Java-Dee, born 19 July 1974) is a German score composer. He is known for his scores for the 2008 Marvel film Iron Man and the HBO series Game of Thrones, for which he was nominated for Grammy Awards in 2009, 2018 and 2020.

Where was Ramin Djawadi born?

Duisburg, Germany
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Is Ramin Djawadi Hans Zimmer student?

Ramin Djawadi was born in 1974, the son of a German mother and an Iranian father. After studying music in the US, he began working for the well-known German film composer Hans Zimmer. In the years since, he has found success of his own with soundtracks for films such as Blade: Trinity, Iron Man and Clash of the Titans.

What is Ramin Djawadi doing now?

House of the Dragon, the long-awaited prequel to HBO’s Game of Thrones, has announced via Twitter that composer Ramin Djawadi will return to score the upcoming series. He has scored both films and TV series, with his work ranging from shows such as Westworld and Prison Break to films such as Iron Man and Pacific Rim.

How much money does Ramin Djawadi make?

Best known as a Composer based on credits in that role in 79 films. Best known as a Composer based on credits in that role in 122 films….Top Grossing Composer at the Domestic Box OfficeBETA.

Rank 48
Name Ramin Djawadi
Domestic Box Office $1,227,380,056
Movies 20
Average $61,369,003

Is Ramin Djawadi doing house of the Dragon?

Ramin Djawadi is returning to Westeros. The Emmy-winning Game of Thrones composer has signed on to score HBO’s upcoming prequel series House of the Dragon. House of the Dragon chronicles a civil war among House Targaryen in Westeros and is based on George R.R. Martin’s book Fire & Blood.

Who is the richest movie composer?

The Eight Richest Movie Score Composers in History

  1. Vangelis (Est.
  2. Enio Morricone (Est.
  3. John Williams (Est. Net Worth – $100M)
  4. Hans Zimmer (Est. Net Worth – $90M)
  5. Danny Elfman (Est. Net Worth – $75M)
  6. Daft Punk (Est. Net Worth – $70M)
  7. Trent Reznor (Est. Net Worth – $55M)
  8. Jerry Goldsmith (Est. Net Worth -$30M)

What kind of movies does Ramin Djawadi score for?

He is also known for his works on movies such as Pacific Rim, Warcraft and the Grammy-nominated score for the 2008 Marvel film Iron Man, and television series including Prison Break, Person of Interest, and Westworld. Ramin Djawadi was born in Duisburg, West Germany, to an Iranian father and a German mother.

Where was Ramin Djawadi born and when was he born?

Ramin Djawadi was born on July 19, 1974 in Duisburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

Who is the Persian composer Ramin Djawadi?

Ramin Djawadi (/rɒˈmiːn ˈdʒɑːvədi/, Persian: رامین جوادی‎;Persian pronunciation: [rɒ:mi:n d͡ʒævɑ:di:], born July 19, 1974) is a German composer.

When did Ramin Djawadi start scoring Game of Thrones?

In 2011, he was selected to score HBO’s fantasy drama Game of Thrones. His continued work on Game of Thrones has garnered him several industry awards and recognition including a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Music Composition for a Series in September 2018 for the score “The Dragon and the Wolf”.