When did the company ViSalus Sciences go under?

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When did the company ViSalus Sciences go under?

Visalus Sciences started out back in 1997 and was founded by Nick Sarnicola and Blake Mallen under the name of The Free Network LLC, a telecommunications-based MLM company in Troy, Michigan. The company went under in March 2005.

What was the outcome of the ViSalus case?

Mid 2019 a federal jury awarded $925 million in damages. The case was filed by class-plaintiffs, one of which was a former Visalus distributor, on behalf of roughly 800,000 people. The case itself pertained to allegations Visalus ‘made 1,850,436 unlawful automated calls’.

Who was the CMO of ViSalus in 2008?

Both Sarnicola and Mallen retained their positions as Sales Chief and CMO, respectively, after the purchase. During the 2008 recession, the company hit another roadblock when it almost went bankrupt. The company was $6 million in debt. Then it had another savior.

Who is the current CEO of ViSalus weight loss?

With Ryan Blair as the current CEO, Visalus became one of the fastest growing MLM companies in its first 3 years at an astonishing growth rate of 1,200%. Visalus is just like any other weight loss MLM company, but they do have something different in terms of bringing in people to the team.

Why do you need a ViSalus Challenge kit?

The Challenge Kits arrive conveniently packed with ViSalus Shakes and powerful wellness products to help you lose weight, get in shape and achieve your fitness goals. Unlike other weight loss programs that require you to adapt your lifestyle to fit a program, Body by Vi™ was designed to fit your busy lifestyle. It’s quick & simple! Why Vi?

Why did ViSalus create the body by Vi Challenge?

ViSalus™ has created Body by Vi™ to help you utilize our products and benefit from our online and offline support tools. ViSalus’ exclusive challenge offers a simple, nutritional program with fun and easy recipes, menu plans, exercise videos, and online community support.