What was the Conservative Party manifesto for 2010?

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What was the Conservative Party manifesto for 2010?

Conservative Party Manifesto 2010 A country is at its best when the bonds between people are strong and when the sense of national purpose is clear. Today the challenges facing Britain are immense. Our economy is overwhelmed by debt, our social fabric is frayed and our political system has betrayed the people.

Who is the leader of the Conservative Party?

In a simple phrase, the change we offer is from big government to Big Society. This manifesto is the most important stage so far on a journey that began four and a half years ago, when the Conservative Party itself voted for change by electing David Cameron as its leader.

What does the Conservative manifesto say about taxes?

We will not raise the rate of income tax, VAT or National Insurance. Thank you for supporting our majority Conservative Government so we can move our great country on instead of going backwards. When you visit our website, it may store or retrieve information on your browser, mostly in the form of cookies.

How many seats did the Conservatives win in the UK?

The election took place in 650 constituencies across the United Kingdom under the first-past-the-post system. None of the parties achieved the 326 seats needed for an overall majority. The Conservative Party, led by David Cameron, won the largest number of votes and seats, but still fell 20 seats short.

How are party candidates view and use their party manifesto?

Based on the characteristics of the candidates, the parties and the campaign, the paper then derives expectations of how party candidates may differ in attributing importance to their party’s manifesto.

When do political parties release their manifestos in Pakistan?

The manifestos of political parties are those plans, programmes and broad policy directions of a political party where they commit to implement them in order to get the votes to get into power during general elections. The manifestos are released during the election year in Pakistan.

Why are political party manifestos so important in Ghana?

Indeed if there is any period when such a strategic framework for development planning is priceless, it is now this is because Ghana has become an oil-exporting state with an experience of a strong growth warranting the need for a fair, objective non partisan approach towards harnessing its potentials.