What was Jose de San Martin fighting for?

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What was Jose de San Martin fighting for?

José Francisco de San Martín Matorras, also known as José de San Martín (February 25, 1778 – August 17, 1850), was an Argentine general and the prime leader of the southern part of South America’s successful struggle for independence from Spain.

What happened to San Martin?

San Martín unexpectedly left the country and resigned the command of his army, excluding himself from politics and the military, and moved to France in 1824. San Martín is regarded as a national hero of Argentina, Chile and Peru, a great military commander, and one of the Liberators of Spanish South America.

What did Simon Bolivar and Jose de San Martin do?

José de San Martín and his forces liberated Peru and proclaimed its independence from Spain on 28 July 1821. The two leading figures of the South American wars of independence were Simon Bolivar in the north and José de San Martín in the south.

Why did San Martin ask for a meeting with Bolívar?

In July 1822, San Martín and Bolívar met in a private closed-door meeting in the town of Guayaquil. Both leaders had the same goal to liberate South America from the Spanish. San Martín wanted to bring a European prince to South America to rule Peru.

Why did San Martín leave Peru?

San Martín returned to Peru, where he had become a controversial figure. Some adored him and wanted him to become king of Peru, while others detested him and wanted him out of the nation completely. The staid soldier soon tired of the endless bickering and backstabbing of government life and abruptly retired.

Why did San Martín leave South America?

López offered him his military support to depose the government of Buenos Aires, so that San Martín would rule instead, but he declined the offer. Aware of San Martín’s influence, the government of Buenos Aires kept him under surveillance, intercepted his mail, and urged him to leave the country.

What did Bolivar and San Martin disagree on?

San Martin and Bolivar disagreed on the best type of government to be instituted in South America now that the Spanish had been defeated.

Was San Martin a good leader?

San Martín is the greatest national hero of Argentina and he is considered a great hero by Chile and Peru as well. In Argentina, there are numerous statues, streets, parks, and schools named after him. As a liberator, his glory is as great or nearly as great as that of Simón Bolívar.

What did Bolivar and San Martín disagree on?