What was Amenhotep famous for?

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What was Amenhotep famous for?

Amenhotep I, also called Amenophis I, king of ancient Egypt (reigned 1514–1493 bce), son of Ahmose I, the founder of the 18th dynasty (1539–1292 bce). He effectively extended Egypt’s boundaries in Nubia (modern Sudan). The biographies of two soldiers confirm Amenhotep’s wars in Nubia.

What is Amenhotep III best remembered for?

Amenhotep III was one of the most prosperous rulers of ancient Egypt, keeping peace with other nations, building up the wealth of the empire, and commissioning many buildings and statues.

Who was Amenhotep 3 How was he a great king?

Amenhotep III has the distinction of having the most surviving statues of any Egyptian pharaoh, with over 250 of his statues having been discovered and identified. Since these statues span his entire life, they provide a series of portraits covering the entire length of his reign.

What was the Amenhotep government?

He maintained his power over Egypt by reducing the power of the priests of Amun and elevating the sun god Ra. He also made strong alliances with foreign powers by marrying the daughters of foreign kings from Babylon and Syria. Just a few years after becoming pharaoh, Amenhotep married his wife Tiye.

Who was the wealthiest pharaoh?

Ramses II was the king of pops If sowing wild oats counts as amassing grain currency, then Ramses II was hands-down the richest pharaoh ever. Per the Ancient History Encyclopedia, he boasted more than 200 wives and concubines and sired 96 sons and 60 daughters.

Who did Amenhotep III worship?

This was the city that Homer called “100-gated Thebes” because it had so many temples with so many doors. Amenhotep III built what is today called Luxor Temple. He built a temple dedicated to the god Amun. His own name meant ‘Amun is pleased’.

Who was the poorest pharaoh?


Akhenaten Amenhotep IV
Amenophis IV, Naphurureya, Ikhnaton
Statue of Akhenaten at the Egyptian Museum
Reign 1353–1336 BC 1351–1334 BC (18th Dynasty of Egypt)

Who was the pharaoh during Moses?

King Ramses II
The identity of Pharaoh in the Moses story has been much debated, but many scholars are inclined to accept that Exodus has King Ramses II in mind.

Who was the very first pharaoh ever?

Many scholars believe the first pharaoh was Narmer, also called Menes. Though there is some debate among experts, many believe he was the first ruler to unite upper and lower Egypt (this is why pharaohs hold the title of “lord of two lands”).

Who was Amenhotep III and what did he do?

Amenhotep inherited a vast kingdom from his father Thutmose III, and held it by means of a few military campaigns in Syria; however, he fought much less than his father, and his reign saw the effective cessation of hostilities between Egypt and Mitanni, the major kingdoms vying for power in Syria.

Who was the Viceroy of Kush at the time of Amenhotep?

This campaign in Nubia took place in the 5thyear of Amenhotep’s reign, making him still only a youth at the time, which is why it is believed that the viceroy of Kush, Merimose, led the action to crush the rebellion of the Nubians at Ibhet. Although depictions of the campaign state the King “mighty bull, strong in

Where did Amenhotep I build the temple at Sai?

The tomb biography of Ahmose Pen-Nekhebet says he also fought in a campaign in Kush, however it is quite possible that it refers to the same campaign as Ahmose, son of Ebana. Amenhotep built a temple at Saï, showing that he had established Egyptian settlements almost as far as the Third Cataract.

How many cattle did Amenhotep III drive into enclosure?

The commanders and enlisted men of the entire army, with the young recruits, were commanded to keep watch over the wild cattle. Behold His Majesty ordered that these wild cattle be driven within a walled enclosure. His Majesty proceeded against all these wild cattle. Tally thereof: 170 wild bulls.