What vehicle is the Ukrainian BTR 3U based off?

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What vehicle is the Ukrainian BTR 3U based off?

The BTR-3U is a 8×8 armoured vehicle personnel carrier designed by the Ukrainian defense Company Kharkov Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau based on the BTR-94. The BTR-3U is also designated as the Guardian.

How much does a BTR cost?

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Last Contracts:
Qnt Value Unit cost
19 $8.000.000 $421,053
30 $15.000.000 $500,000
Average Unit Cost: $663,158

How much armor does a BTR have?

‘Armoured Transporter’) is an 8×8 wheeled armored personnel carrier developed in Russia, designed in 1993 and first shown publicly in 1994….

Crew 3 (+7 infantry)
Armor Welded steel with optional ERA modules
Main armament 30 mm Shipunov 2A42 cannon (500 rounds)

Is BTR-80 good?

The single diesel engine gives the BTR-80 better performance and lower risk of fire compared to the twin gas engines of the BTR-70. The turret is improved relative to the BTR-60PB and BTR-70, and can be elevated to +60 degrees compared to the +30 degrees of earlier vehicles.

Is the BTR an IFV?

BTR-80A (GAZ-59034) – IFV (See pictures) with 2A72 30 mm gun and 300 rounds as primary weapon. The turret is called BPPU and is equipped with sights 1PZ-9 (day) and TPN-3 or TPN-3-42 “Kristall” (night).

Is a BTR-60 street legal?

A BTR-60 can be made road-legal.

How heavy is a BTR?

Mass 13.6 tonnes (15.0 tons)
Length 7.7 m (25.3 ft)
Width 2.9 m (9.5 ft)
Height 2.41 m (7.9 ft)

What is a BTR squad?

The BTR-82A is an Armored Personnel Carrier (APC)/Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) added to squad during the Alpha V9 update. In-game it is used solely by the Russian Ground Forces (RGF). It sacrifices armor protection for speed, making it faster but also considerably weaker than other IFVs in-game.

Who are the companies involved in BTR 3?

The companies involved in the project include the Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau of Ukraine, the ADCOM MANUFACTURING Company of Abu-Dhabi, UAE, and the State Scientific Technical Centre of Artillery & Rifle Arms of Ukraine.

When did the BTR-3 Armored Carrier come out?

The BTR-3 is an Eight-wheel drive armored personnel carrier developed in 2000-2001 by an international consortium.

What kind of vehicle is the BTR-3U?

The BTR-3U armored personnel carrier is a newly built vehicle. The BTR-3U Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) was jointly developed in 2000 by Ukrainian and Emirati companies as a private venture. It can be seen as an improved variant of the Soviet BTR-80 APC.

Where to find the BTR 80 in Modern Warfare 3?

The BTR-80 makes its return in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. They are common throughout the campaign and are seen in almost every level featuring the Russian military. Multiple BTR 80s are seen in No Man’s Land, where the player has to sneak past them.