What team won the World Series in 1984?

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What team won the World Series in 1984?

Detroit Tigers
1984 World Series/Champion

Who played for the Detroit Tigers in 1984?

1984 Detroit Tigers

1984 Detroit Tigers 1984 Detroit Tigers Official Logo Complete Roster
Roster Schedule Hitting Pitching Fielding Statmaster
20 Howard Johnson 1960-11-29
4 Mike Laga 1960-06-14
3 Alan Trammell 1958-02-21

Who made the last out of the 1984 World Series?

Larry Herndon
COMSTOCK PARK — Larry Herndon remembers time almost standing still as a ball hit into left field by San Diego Padres star Tony Gwynn approached his mitt. Herndon, 56, caught the final out of the 1984 World Series and clinched the Detroit Tigers’ first world championship since 1968.

Who was the manager of the 1968 Detroit Tigers?

Mayo Smith
1968 Detroit Tigers season

1968 Detroit Tigers
Other information
Owner(s) John Fetzer
General manager(s) Jim Campbell
Manager(s) Mayo Smith

Who caught the last out in the 1983 World Series?

Cal Ripken, Jr.
6.44K subscribers. Cal Ripken, Jr. Catches Last Out, 1983 World Series! Baltimore Orioles Beat Phillies!

Who was the 1983 World Series MVP?

Rick DempseyBaltimore
1983 World Series/MVPs

Is Norm Cash still alive?

Deceased (1933–1986)
Norm Cash/Living or Deceased

Who was the winner of the World Series in 1984?

The Detroit Tigers won the American League East division by 15 games over the Toronto Blue Jays, then swept the Kansas City Royals, three games to none, in the American League Championship Series . The World Series was scheduled to start in the National League park.

Who was the winner of the National League West in 1984?

The San Diego Padres won the National League West division by twelve games over both the Atlanta Braves and the Houston Astros, then defeated the Chicago Cubs, three games to two, in the National League Championship Series.

Who was on the Detroit Tigers in 1984?

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Who was the Padres starter in the 1984 World Series?

Padres’ starter Tim Lollar gave up four hits (including a two run homer to Marty Castillo), four walks and four runs alone before leaving with two out in the second.