What should I wear to Desire Pearl resort?

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What should I wear to Desire Pearl resort?

Desire Pearl (the resort) is a wonderfully relaxed place, so you can dress up if you like or be casual if you like – you’ll fit in as long as you’re relatable. over a year ago. In the main buffet, for breakfast and lunch, you have to wear something, but it’s pretty relaxed. Folks will wear just a coverup with sandals.

What should I wear to Desire resort?

The only required things you need are long pants and shoes for him, a nice outfit for her for the “fancy” restaurants. The Mexican restaurant is outside, and sometimes the waiter will let you dine wearing shorts.

Can singles go to Desire resort?

The resort us couples only, unless it is January and they allow a single lady to stay in a couple’s room. We are Temptation fans, too, and we are sorely missing our favorite resort. Desire RM and Desire Pearl are for couples only.

How many desire resorts are there?

two Desires resorts
As of now we have two Desires resorts (Riviera Maya and Pearl) and another called Temptation that is currently under construction. We are working on the expansion of the resort collection and we plan to open two more resorts, one under each name and concept.

What is it like at a clothing optional resort?

Not all clothing-optional resorts are created equal. Clothing-optional resorts generally allow guests to don clothes or go in the buff nearly everywhere, allowing travelers to choose their comfort level. The only area where clothing is typically required is at restaurants for hygiene purposes.

Can you get a day pass to desire?

Desire is a clothing optional, couples only resort where we guarantee a private, intimate vacation. Then, looking after the privacy of our guests, we do not sell any day or night passes. Desire is a fully All-Inclusive resort. All drinks, cocktails and refreshments are included, 24-hours a day.

Where is desire Riviera Maya Pearl resort located?

Located along the shores of Puerto Morelos, Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort, our Caribbean gem for couples, is the perfect place to indulge with your partner in new experiences. Leave inhibitions behind and discover passion of an all-new kind.

Is the desire Pearl a all inclusive hotel?

As the most exquisite deluxe all-inclusive hotel, Desire Pearl Resort & Spa Riviera Maya has been provided with superb amenities and features that will seduce all of your senses such as an erotic, clothing optional atmosphere, oceanfront pools, beach beds, beach/pool concierges, and an indulging spa.

Is there a desire resort in the Caribbean?

Desire Pearl Resort & Spa Riviera Maya, seductive, clothing optional sanctuary in the Mexican Caribbean, invites you to come with your partner to discover a world of deliciously sensual experiences.

Where to eat at the desire Riviera Maya?

Two restaurants await you with delightful moments as you discover our variety of gourmet, signature dishes and sensual environments that will embrace you with the taste of Desire every night.