What nails does a Hitachi nail gun use?

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What nails does a Hitachi nail gun use?

The NR90AE(S1) framing nailer drives plastic collated nails from 2″ up to 3-1/2″ in length and features Hitachi’s next generation “industrial design.” The redesigned head guard allows for faster and easier disassembly process, saving valuable time during tool maintenance.

Will Metabo nails work in Hitachi gun?

According to Hitachi, products will retain current brand identity: same color, same models, same warranties and the same battery interchangeability. Hitachi Power Tools products will be interchangeable with Metabo HPT products, and Metabo HPT products will be interchangeable with Hitachi Power Tool products.

Can you use Paslode nails in Hitachi?

As long as the Paslode cartridge box states that they are compatible with the Hitachi NT65GB nailer, they will work fine. If not, compare the cartridges – if they’re the same size, they’ll be fine. Make sure you keep and reuse the old Hitachi cartridge tops that came with the Hitachi cartridges.

Why does my Hitachi nail gun keep jamming?

Lack of Adequate Oil: The air cylinder in the nose needs plenty of oil to function properly. Too little oil, and the nails will be slow to feed, causing a jam. Pro Tip: For coil nailers, use 10-15 drops of oil before nailing. Misshapen Coil: A coil has to be round to feed properly.

Is Metabo and Hitachi the same?

In October 2018, Metabo HPT became the new brand name for Koki Holdings America – formerly part of the Hitachi group. Same tools, only with a new name in North America.

Can I use paslode nails in a Dewalt nail gun?

I have three Dewalt clipped head framers. I put about 90-100 thousand paslode nails through them every year. Love the paper clips because there is no shrapnel and they hold up in the weather!! I have also put them through my senco and they work well there also.

Can you use any nails in paslode?

Paslode IM350+ Review The Paslode IM350 has been the market-leading tool in timber to timber construction for over 30 years! It’s compatible with standard Paslode IM350+ RounDrive nails (clipped head) and standard IM350+ gas cells.

Why does my nail gun not shoot nails?

You nail gun may not shoot nails for a number of reasons. It could be because the battery is not charged properly, improper adjustment of the air pressure, nail is either stuck or jammed, you’re using wrong nails or due to repair maintenance issues.

Why is Hitachi Metabo now?

The reason for the name change is that they are no longer part of the large corporation known as Hitachi, which sells everything from consumer products to automotive equipment. Hitachi acquired Metabo a few years ago, and last year both brands were sold by Hitachi to KKR, a private equity firm.

What kind of nail gun does Bostitch use?

BOSTITCH ® offers stick and coil-style nailers for various applications powered by air pressure and gas. Our nailers are available in multiple gauges and degrees depending on the size or angle of the nail. Finish and Brad Nailers

How many O rings are in a Bostitch Nailer?

Please note that two (2) O-rings are included but can also be purchased separately as parts # 106967 and # 86459. O-rings are easily damaged and worn out, causing tool issues, so it\\\\\\’s a good idea to have a backup or two on hand. Only a hammer is needed for this repair. Genuine OEM replacement part, this item is sold individually.

Is there a Bostitch replacement for BT brad nailers?

This is a genuine Bostitch replacement part that fits all BT brad nailers and all S32 staplers. If trigger leaks air or if tool misfires often, try replacing trigger valve.

What are the parts in a Bostitch power tool?

This kit contains one (1) each of: valve assembly (including both O-rings), lubricant, spring pin punch, and repair instructions. Please note that two (2) O-rings are included but can also be purchased separately as parts # 106967 and # 86459.