What makes up the false bottom of a lauter tun?

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What makes up the false bottom of a lauter tun?

The solids, not the false bottom, form a filtration medium and hold back small solids, allowing the otherwise cloudy mash to run out of the lauter tun as a clear liquid. The false bottom of today’s lauter tun is made of wedge wire, which can provide a free-flow surface of up to 12% of the bottom of the tun.

Why do you use more water in a lauter tun?

Sparging is trickling water through the grain to extract sugars. This is a delicate step, as the wrong temperature or pH will extract tannins from the chaff (grain husks) as well, resulting in a bitter brew. Typically, 1.5 times more water is used for sparging than was for mashing. Sparging is typically conducted in a lauter tun.

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How is sparge water introduced into a lauter tun?

There must be a system for introducing sparge water into the lauter tun. Most systems have a ring of spray heads that ensure an even and gentle introduction of the sparge water. The watering system should not beat down on the grain bed and form a channel.

How many rake arms does a lauter tun have?

Brewhouses in plain public view, particularly those in brewpubs, often maintain the swan-neck valves and grant for their visual effect. A good quality lauter tun has rotating rake arms with a central drive unit. Depending on the size of the lauter tun, there can be between two and six rake arms.