What kind of oxygen sensor do I need for a gas analyzer?

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What kind of oxygen sensor do I need for a gas analyzer?

Analytical Industries (AI) offers a wide selection of replacement oxygen sensors for diving gas analyzers.

Which is the best O2 sensor for a palm analyzer?

The AII-11-75-PO2D for the Analytical Industries Palm ‘D’ oxygen analyzer, the AII-OSV-22-AF for the Analytical Industries Palm ‘CO’ carbon monoxide analyzer, the AII-11-60-D for the AII-3000-A Oxygen Analyzer, and the AII-11-75D oxygen sensor for the Trumix 4001 Trimix analyzer are listed as separate products.

How does amperometric oxygen sensor work in tank?

In process-gas streams or tank applications, amperometric oxygen gas sensors provide reliable, real-time measurements without the need for gas sampling or conditioning. These transmitters integrate with TDL gas analyzers to display measurements in real-time and provide analyzer diagnostics.

How is an oxygen analyzer used in situ?

An oxygen analyzer is a system for measuring oxygen in a gas stream. It is made up of a sensor, a transmitter and a process adaption or housing. For measuring oxygen in situ, METTLER TOLEDO offers both amperometric oxygen analyzers and tunable diode laser oxygen analyzers.

Is the oxygen sensor from dive gear Express returnable?

Due to the unique nature of the product, this diving grade oxygen sensor is NON-RETURNABLE. Your complete satisfaction is our goal, so please consider carefully before purchase. We are a high volume retailer of AI brand diving sensors, assuring that replacement sensors ordered from Dive Gear Express are always among the freshest available.

Which is the best O2 sensor for a dive analyzer?

This sensor includes a hydrophobic membrane and is often referred to generically as the R-22D (an old Teledyne part number no longer manufactured) and also plug compatible with the R-22S type sensors. Although slower in response time, many divers prefer using this sensor in analyzers for it’s resistance to moisture.