What kind of music is trip hop music?

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What kind of music is trip hop music?

This is the sort of list that FACT usually knocks out of the park, and this is no exception. The list provides a good overview of the micro-genre, though we’ll quibble with calling Meat Beat Manifesto trip hop. It also works great as a playlist as trip-hop songs have a uniformity of sound that translates well into this type of mix.

When did the first trip hop album Come Out?

It was released in 1996 on China Records. Stylistically, the album is by far the band’s most trip-hop oriented release, consisting of languid, looping grooves, using mostly Rhodes piano, electric guitar and scratching.

When did trip hop become a Beat scene?

Alongside IDM (another etymological faux pas from the 1990s), trip-hop presaged the beat scene of the late 2000s, a continuation of the ideas and aesthetic it first articulated. When I spoke to Daddy Kev in 2012, he pointed to Mo’ Wax as one of the key influences for Low End Theory.

Who are the members of the trip hop movement?

Definitly one of the highlights of the whole trip-hop movement. All vocals were performed by Tricky and Martina Topley-Bird, except on “Pumpkin” (Tricky and Alison Goldfrapp) and “You Don’t” (Tricky and Ragga) When Maxinquaye was first released, it received widespread acclaim from critics.

There is no purism to indulge in, because there is nothing pure about trip-hop. As DJ Food’s Strictly Kev put it recently, at its best the music was “psychedelic beat collages, usually instrumental, embracing samples, analogue electronics and dub FX.”

Who are some famous people from trip hop?

There are also notable contributions from influential figures such as Leslie Winer (if you haven’t heard her 1993 album Witch, you should seek it out immediately), Bernard Fowler and Bim Sherman, opening up a dialogue between New York, Jamaica and the UK that would remain at the center of the genre for years to come. 48. Slicker