What kind of marketing company is Vemma marketing?

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What kind of marketing company is Vemma marketing?

Vemma was a multi-level marketing (MLM) company. Vemma heavily focused on recruiting college-aged people as distributors, which has brought attention from consumer organizations, and complaints from parents.

What are the ingredients in the Vemma formula?

The Vemma formula provides complete cellular nutrition with: 1 12 Essential Vitamins — provide you with a strong foundation for proper nutrition. 2 Key Essential Minerals — critical ingredients for your overall wellbeing.* 3 Phytonutrient Ingredients — A blend of powerful plant and natural components.

When did Vemma Nutrition Company become a company?

Vemma Nutrition Company was incorporated in 2004, and by 2011, New Vision had been entirely folded into Vemma.

How did John keep come up with the idea of Vemma?

Keep became aware of Vemma when he found out that a student had been stockpiling unsold energy drinks in his dorm room. Keep and other analysts, as well as former distributors have claimed the company relies on recruiting as its main means of generating revenue.

Who is BK Boreyko the founder of Vemma?

Fifteen FTC agents stormed Vemma’s offices on Monday morning, sources told The Post. A federal judge in Phoenix froze the bank accounts and real estate belonging to Vemma founder BK Boreyko, a 53-year-old entrepreneur who just last year won an “executive of the year” honor from the American Business Awards.

Who are the sponsors of the Vemma energy drink?

Vemma and its product line of energy drink supplements called Verve, is sponsored and advertised as the official energy drink of the Phoenix Suns, the Phoenix Coyotes, and Michael Jordan’s team, the Charlotte Bobcats. The Verve Energy Drink is also the official sponsor of professional NASCAR driver Mike Wallace.