What kind of character is Nozomi from Love Live?

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What kind of character is Nozomi from Love Live?

As the former vice-president of the student council and the eldest member of μ’s, Nozomi appears as a pretty wise, mysterious and mature girl with an almost all-knowing vibe to her, due to her tarot reading and fortune-telling skills.

Who was Nozomi’s first friend at high school?

Eli is Nozomi’s first friend. Nozomi often switched schools when she was a kid, and as a result, didn’t have any friends. Finally she settled at Otonokizaka High School, and was in the same class as Eli. Nozomi liked Eli and eventually introduced herself to her.

Who are the voice actresses for Nozomi and Eli?

Nozomi and Eli are sometimes compared to be similar in looks or personality to either Kanan or Mari. Their voice actresses ship them. They dressed in traditional Japanese marriage clothes in a magazine. They’ve played Romeo and Juliet in a school play. (Nozomi as Juliet and Eli as Romeo).

How is Nozomi supportive of Eli in µ?

Nozomi is very supportive for Eli. While µ’s is preparing for the preliminary finals, Nozomi suggests that the group writes a love song for their performance. Most are not as enthusiastic about it, but Eli is surprisingly supportive of it, to the point where Maki gets suspicious.

What does Nozomi do in otome Shiki juku?

She has a duet with Nico called Otome Shiki Ren’ai Juku; She has a technique called Washi Washi, or WashiWashiMax. It is an art that is really only Nozomi groping a girl’s breasts from behind. It is used both as a punishment and a threat. By merely wiggling her hands in a predatory way, the other members fall in line or futilely try to escape.

Who is Nozomi in Bokura no live Kimi?

Nozomi is Eri’s best friend and the vice president of the school’s student council. She often advises μ’s and appears as wise. However, because of the way she punishes them (by grabbing their breasts), she often seems perverted. Despite this, she is the eldest member of μ’s.

When does Nozomi do a school play of Romeo and Juliet?

As Eli chases Nozomi angrily for toying with her, Kotori notes that it likely wasn’t a joke. In a School Idol Diary, ~Autumn School Festival~, she does a school play of Romeo and Juliet in Chapter 1: Celebration of the Eve.