What is the weather like in May in Italy?

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What is the weather like in May in Italy?

Weather in Italy in May It’s not typically as blisteringly hot and humid as Italy can be later in the summer, but that kind of weather is also not out of the question in May. Northern Italy: 50-70°F (10-21°C) Central Italy: 55-70°F (13-21°C) Southern Italy: 60-75°F (16-24°C)

Where is hot in May in Italy?

Averages In May, the capital Rome has an average temperature of 21°C, while Venice is slightly cooler at an average of 17°C. Naples on the south Mediterranean coast enjoys highs of 23°C, making this a good time of year to spend days on the beach.

What is in season in May in Italy?

Primavera (Spring) Spring in Italy occurs during the months of March, April and May. It’s a pretty season when flowers are in bloom and people are emerging after the winter months.

What is there to do in Italy in May?

4.1 Trek Up Mt. Vesuvius.

  • 4.2 Visit Lake Como.
  • 4.3 Take A Road Trip Around Cinque Terre.
  • 4.4 Wander Around Rome.
  • 4.5 Explore Tuscany.
  • 4.6 Hike up Stromboli.
  • 4.7 Take a Boat Trip Along The Amalfi Coast.
  • 4.8 Visit The Beaches in Puglia.
  • What month does Italy shut down?

    In much of Europe (especially Italy and France), cities are partially shut down in July and August, when local urbanites take their beach breaks. You’ll hear that these are terrible times to travel, but it’s really no big deal.

    What should I pack for Italy in May?

    Basic Italy Packing List

    • Pack one nicer outfit for evenings out.
    • 2 pair of pants, shorts, or skirts.
    • 4 tops; three short sleeve, one long sleeve.
    • 5 pairs of underwear.
    • 1 light jacket or wrap.
    • 1 pair solid walking shoes.
    • 1 nicer dress or dress shirt.
    • 3 pair of socks.

    Can you wear sneakers in Italy?

    No matter the Italian destination, it’s fair to say there will be a lot of walking. Good leather walking shoes or boots are ideal, as long as they’re well broken in before the trip, but any shoes that can comfortably make it through a full day of walking are fine. Wearing sneakers out to dinner is a faux pas in Italy.

    Is it warm enough to swim in Italy in May?

    Peak Beach Season | May – September High temperatures in May can already hit between 72°F – 75°F (22°C-24°C), and lows stay within the 52°F-59°F (11°C-15°C) range. September is cooler, but still warm enough to beach it up, with highs between 75°F – 82°F (24°C-28°C) and lows ranging between 57°F-66°F (14°C-19°C).