What is the smallest 357 revolver?

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What is the smallest 357 revolver?

KIMBER HAS EVOLVED THE REVOLVER The K6s™ revolver brings an unmatched level of performance and shootability to concealed carry. With the smallest cylinder capable of holding 6 rounds of . 357 Magnum (also compatible with . 38 Special), K6s compact revolvers are ideal for back-up, concealed carry and home defense.

What is the best 357 compact revolver?

The Ruger LCR 3” 357 Magnum is hands down the best concealed carry revolver. It’s strong, effective, accurate, and durable. This compact and elegant gun can be concealed easily, and since it doesn’t have any protrusions on its frame, it wouldn’t snag when needed.

Is a 357 A good carry gun?

There’s one thing, though: lightweight is all well and good for EDC but when you’re running . 357 Magnum loads it’s not quite as ideal. Even so, this is a great little gun. That means it’s pretty easy to holster up and hide this gun.

Are .38 and .357 the same?

While their names imply a difference in diameter, . 38 Special and . 357 Magnum are exactly the same in width. It’s only when looking at their length that you’ll notice a difference.

What caliber revolver is best for self defense?

The most common caliber for a home defense handgun is 9mm. This does mean that your gun will penetrate through walls and can possibly harm your loved ones during a home invasion. Also, many experts recommend hollow point ammo because of the power, and they are a bit safer to shoot in a home defense scenario.

What is the most popular 357 revolver?

Spec Comparison Table of the Best 357 Revolvers

Revolver Capacity Barrel Length
Ruger LCRx 5 1.87″
Cimarron Thunderer 6 3.5″
Colt Python 6 4.25″
Dan Wesson 715 6 6″

Is there a difference between a 357 and a 357 magnum?

Energy Comparison: 357 Mag and 357 Sig 357 Magnum often comes with larger projectiles, which would give it an advantage for muzzle energy. 357 SIG. The larger Magnum cartridge has lower speeds but a muzzle energy of 539 foot-pounds, while the . 357 SIG, a faster cartridge, has only 506 foot-pounds of muzzle energy.

Is a 357 good for self-defense?

The . 357 Magnum is as popular as ever with civilian shooters for self-defense, silhouette competition, and hunting. Here, in no particular order, are ten reasons it’s still the best overall handgun round out there.

What is the best semi automatic handgun?

The CW45 is fairly light and might be the best semi auto pistol for concealed carry, compared to most pistols of comparable power, which earned it a spot on this list. In addition to the convenience factor, this gun also boasts a unique offset feed ramp that reduces barrel flip and boosts accuracy.

What is a 357 SIG pistol?

The .357 SIG round was designed to replicate and replace the ballistics of the .357 Magnum for semi-automatic pistols. Essentially, the .357 SIG is a round that uses the same sized bullet as a 9mm round but in a cartridge casing that is similar to a .40 caliber case. The .357 SIG also features a bottlenecked design, which is easier to load into the barrel chamber of your pistol and has the added perk of traveling at an increased velocity.

What are automatic pistols?

Automatic pistol may refer to: Semi-automatic pistol, a type of auto-loading handgun that can be fired in semi-automatic mode, firing one cartridge for each pull of the trigger. Machine pistol, a handgun-style, magazine-fed and self-loading firearm, capable of fully automatic or burst fire, and chambered for pistol cartridges.