What is the size of a military guidon?

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What is the size of a military guidon?

Army. As described in Chapter 6 of Army Regulation 840-10, guidons are swallow-tailed marker flags in branch-of-service colors, measuring 20 inches (51 cm) at the hoist by 27 inches (69 cm) at the fly, with the swallow-tail end forked 10 inches (25 cm).

How long is the guidon staff?

They are available in 8Ft, 9Ft, and 10Ft lengths. They are NSN equivilent items. Guidon Poles are used to display organizational Flags such as Guidons or Unit Colors.

How tall is the guidon?

Guidons are ultramarine blue wool and nylon, nylon, or polyester bunting, swallowtailed, 1 foot 8 inches tall by 2 feet 3 inches wide to end of the swallowtail, and forked 10 inches.

How tall is a company guidon staff?

Guidon Staffs are a must-have item for parades and ceremonial use, and Carrot-Top’s guidon poles are available in three sizes: 9′ x 1 5/32”, 8′ 9” x 1 5/32”, 8′ x 1 5/32” and 7′ x 1 ¼”….Why Buy a Hardwood Guidon Staff?

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What original purpose did a guidon serve?

It helped units develop a sense of pride and Eprit de Corps, as well as serving the more practical purpose of providing a rally point for soldiers during the heat of battle. A guidon is a swallow-tailed unit marker, with the dimensions measuring 20 inches (hoist) by 27 inches (fly).

What is guidon bearer?

Order guidon is the position of attention. The guidon bearer holds the guidon in a vertical position and keeps the ferrule (the bottom tip) on the ground beside the right shoe. The guidon bearer holds the staff in the right hand in the “V” formed by the thumb and by the fingers extended and joined.

How big is a guidon in the Navy?

A Navy guidon measures 20 1/8 by 27 3/4 inches and has a 10-inch swallowtail. It is carried on a staff with a chrome-plated spearhead finial .

How big is an US Army guidon flag?

These official Size U.S. Army unit Guidon Flags are made in accordance with U.S. Army Heraldry specifications. Our doublesided regulation U.S. Army guidons are made to precise military specifications. They measure 20″H x 27 3/4″ long and are available in 200 denier nylon fabric as per Army regulations.

How are guidons made for the US Army?

They feature a Branch insignia and appliqued lettering/number panels on both sides. These flags are made with a standard swallowtail (Forked) fly end. They are finished with a pole hem and leather tabs for affixing to your guidon pole. All lettering/numbers are cut and then sewn onto panels on both sides of the guidon.

What are the colors of the infantry guidon?

Exceptions to the use of branch colors for guidons are found in the infantry and cavalry. The infantry branch colors are light blue and white, but infantry guidons have a field of Old Glory blue (the same shade of blue as used for the canton of the US national flag).