What is the seed for herobrine Temple?

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What is the seed for herobrine Temple?

Seed: 478868574082066804. Version: Java Alpha 1.0. 16_02. Alpha coordinates: X=5.06 Y=71 (72.62 eye pos) Z=-298.54.

What is the seed 666 in Minecraft?

In Minecraft it is said that the seed 666 is cursed and inclined with the devil himself.

What is the hardest seed in Minecraft PE?

619717398. This is considered to be one of the hardest seeds in Minecraft. Like most others on this list, you spawn out in the middle of the ocean surrounded by a handful of islands.

What is a scary Minecraft seed?

Seed: 12345 There are plenty of underground creepy areas throughout Minecraft, but the surface tends to be relatively safe during the daylight hours. That may not be the case in this particular seed. After entering into the world, the player will begin noticing some truly strange biomes.

Who is null Minecraft?

Null (sometimes called The Original Null to distinguish him from Anti Null) is the newest in a line of hoaxes created by the Minecraft fanbase. He/She supposedly leaves signs with the word “null” on them. This is not in any way creepy or unnatural, it’s due to a parsing failure by Java.

Is the temple of Notch Minecraft a PE map?

So I tried putting it into minecraft pe by usb lol and then the place didn’t have a name and then i loaded it in i was suffocated by some stone and bedrock looked up and saw some squids so i exited the map well that’s not good. It’s a java map, not a PE/Bedrock map, so when you load it it’s gonna be corrupted.

Do you need PE seeds for Minecraft Pocket Edition?

This is because the Windows 10 edition is actually Minecraft Pocket Edition (sometimes called Bedrock Edition), as seen on mobile. That means you need different seeds to get the right results. If you’re new to the world of Minecraft PE seeds then let us first walk you through how to use these neat codes.

Where do you spawn with notch in Minecraft?

With this seed you spawn in an huge forest, with some ravines and caves. An deep pit…There are exactly 7 cave entrance to find…good luck! An random cave with surface ores, coal and iron.

What does the face of Notch do in Minecraft?

This face of Notch will be there judging you in the temple and will bless you with wealth or send you to the deep insides of earth, kinda like a Minecraft version of Santa. To get your luck you have to put your offering to the Notch in the Well of Destiny which will open the door to the audience.